January round-up

So, how did I get on with my ‘goals’ during January? Well, it is just as well that I set them quarterly because there hasn’t been much progress! Financially it has been a stretch with all of the birthdays (which I’ve blogged about before so won’t bore you with again) and also the two MoTs. My car needed all 4 tyres replacing – awesome. It also needs an oil change but it is just going to have to wait as I simply don’t have enough cash to pay for it. I said that I wanted to save £600 into my ISA by the end of March – I’ve got about £50 towards that so far! And I think we’ve got £100 towards the £500 savings target for our Joint savings/house fund. Still, we didn’t expect much from January so it isn’t too great a disappointment.

The weight loss thing…I’d give up but I just can’t! There has been a fair amount of going out / cooking and baking special meals what with all of the birthday-ing. The best I can say is that a) I haven’t put any more ON and b) I have got used to doing exercise DVDs. They have become part of the rhythm of the week which can only be a good thing, right? I’ve been doing a longer exercise routine (ie 30-40 mins) 3 days a week (always at 7am otherwise it would never happen) and one or two sessions twice a week from the ’10 minute workout’ DVDs. I am planning on paying very close attention to my eating and exercising for February and am hoping to report some success at the end of the month. This should be easier as there is only one birthday coming up and it is unlikely to involve a lot of cake!

It should be easier to make some goal related progress in February as there are far less obstacles and far more opportunities to be healthy and thrifty. Bring it on!

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One thought on “January round-up

  1. thefrenchchick

    Just curious, here in the states many people opt to do their own oil changes. It saves them the cost of a mechanic doing it and they can take their used motor oil and used oil filters to a recycler. Is that an option for you there? I’m asking because putting off a change too long can lead to bigger, more expensive car issues later.

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