I go through spates of being contacted by companies about this blog. I was asked to participate in a  Channel 4 documentary, I’ve been approached by a couple of national magazines and newspapers and I’ve lost track of the number of companies who want to link up or have me write reviews. For one reason or another I’ve always said no. Then Sainsbury’s asked if I’d like to review their Jaffa Cakes and Cumberland Sausages and I thought, why not? I’ve been going through an ‘I heart Sainsbury’s’ phase anyway (since reading up about their policies and perusing the ‘Live well for less’ section of their website for recipes and ideas) so the idea of a review seemed particularly well timed.

The own-brand jaffa cakes were gorgeous – really good. I’ve tried own-brand jaffa cakes from another supermarket in the past and they were really dry and biscuity and not at all like the real thing. Husband and I were really impressed with these – particularly considering that they are from the ‘basics’ range (Sainsbury’s do a ‘posher’ version than those that we tried so I suppose they are better still). We’d be more than happy with these any day though and at 72p for a box of 24 I’d say they are a bargain!

We also tried out the Sainsbury’s Butcher’s Choice Cumberland Pork Sausages 454g which, again, we were really impressed by. In the past I’ve used two other supermarkets when I’ve bought similar packets of 8 sausages and these beat them hands down on quality, taste and texture.

My nearest Sainsbury’s is quite a drive so I don’t go that often but I am genuinely impressed by the quality of the food (and by the info on the website I’ve already mentioned) so I’ll definitely be considering getting my shopping by home delivery (only £3 on a Wednesday evening in my neck of the woods).

And on that note I’m off for a cuppa!

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One thought on “Tasty!

  1. Alison B43

    I was tempted to buy a box of these for work a few weeks ago. I thought they were very good too, although I am not a connoisseur. Trouble is they tasted so good they did not last too long!! I think Sainsbury’s basics range is quite good quality compared to other supermarkets. Good job because they are the closest to where I live and where I work.

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