Preparing for the day

The last couple of months have been tiring. We’ve been away on a short break and then have been embroiled in a horrendous round of teething (read: no sleep) that feels like it is never going to end! The end result is that I’ve been feeling quite drained and uninspired. I’ve mentioned that I am trying to give myself a bit of a health overhaul at the moment which is necessary for many reasons including:

  • Yes, I want to lose weight (so boring, I apologise for still blogging about this!) – a stone to be precise.
  • I want a greater awareness of what my body needs in terms of food and exercise long term, not just to lose weight. Basically, to fully understand and adpot a way of eating that means I can lose the weight now and then adjust it once I reach ‘target’ as a way of eating forever more. Ditto for exercise. It needs to be part of the long term plan, not just for weight loss but for keeping my body healthy and in good working order!
  • Trying to look after myself better in general by drinking more water, getting more sleep etc. Also, to make my days as stress free as possible and thus more enjoyable!
  • To increase energy – I need it!

I’ve had all of the above in the back of my mind for a while now but life just gets in the way sometimes, doesn’t it? Too much to do, too tired, too hungry, too whatever. The first step I’ve taken in trying to deal with this all is to write a list of things to do in the evening. If I sit down ‘for five minutes’ after I’ve put Baby to bed I just can’t get back up again and nothing gets done. To get around this I’ve made a simple list of things to do before I sit down in the evening. And here is the list:

  1. Plan and prepare food for the next day: I’ll decide what I’m going to eat the next day and make myself a packed lunch, even if I’m going to be at home. This means I’m more likely to eat a proper meal – and something healthy – than if I don’t. I also make Husband a sandwich to take to work and take anything out of the freezer for Baby and for our evening meal so it is defrosted in time (I have an aversion to defrosting things in the microwave – don’t ask!).
  2. Plan my exercise for the next day: Based on what I am doing the next day (going into the office/working from home/ day off/ playgroup etc) I make a plan about what exercise I am going to do and get anything ready I need to. This means I am less likely to try and get out of it! Last night I decided I was going to do a 20 minute workout on a DVD before breakfast this morning. I put the DVD in the player and put my trainers in the corner ready to be put on.
  3. Tidy up: A very basic tidy up, putting all toys in the basket, clearing the table and sideboard so they are free from clutter, putting clothes/coats away, emptying the washing machine etc. It doens’t actually take more than 10 minutes but it makes such a difference.
  4. Taking off make-up etc: Something that seems to have gone out of the window – it must stop!
  5. Washing up before bed: I’d somehow got out of the habit. A sink and counter top full of washing up is not a good start to the day. So, just before bed I make sure all of the washing up has been done and that the counter has been wiped down. In the morning it has all dried and I just need to put it away.

I wrote this list at the weekend and it is making a big difference already. I do 1-3 before dinner and it seems to take between 20-30 minutes which is fine. 4 &5 are at the end of the evening and take 10-15 minutes. This is all very manageable. I just need to stick with it!

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