The breakfast issue

Breakfast is a tricky one for a lot of people, including me. For the majority of my adult life, it is the meal I have been most likely to skip. I’ve yet to see a diet that doesn’t advocate eating a good breakfast to get your metabolism going. The trouble is, I’ve never really felt hungry at breakfast time and I’m usually in a hurry. However, I did notice that when I was doing the India and Neris diet, eating bacon and eggs for breakfast really filled me up and meant I was much more likely to make it through to lunch without snacking. Can’t eat that forever though (I’ve since gone off scrambled eggs and omlettes in a big way!). However, I do know that I really ought to be eating a breakfast and have quite enjoyed sitting down with Baby in the mornings and having breakfast together. I really love oaty breakfasts – as in porridge or good museli (not those weird Oatibix things). Sadly, if I eat either of these regularly I whack weight on like there’s no tomorrow. Why?! I feel like whining ‘It’s not faaaaaaiiiir!’. Oats are supposed to healthy, right? I’ve piled on a few more pounds in the last few weeks and I’m pretty sure it is down to my oaty friends (and, yes, they are no added sugar and unprocessed). And yet I won’t give up! I love them! I know they are healthy! Let me eat oats!

Museli mixed with fat free, probiotic natural yoghurt - my current, favourite breakfast!

Seriously, I really want to be eating them regularly. At least every other day. I posted recently that I want to work towards making more healthy food choices and I really do believe that porridge and museli (the no added sugar kind) should/can be part of this. So, scales be damned, I’m eating them. Maybe I could switch to every other day though. But I think it is a really good way to start the day. 

Does anyone out there have the same problem? Or any other healthy, quick and easy breakfast suggestions?

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3 thoughts on “The breakfast issue

  1. Oh I’m the opposite, breakfast is the one meal I can’t skip or my whole day is agony! x

  2. shoestringalley

    Funnily enough I had Weetabix (the Sainsbury’s version) this morning and thought of you because I’m sure I remember you saying you were a fan! x

  3. I’m terrible for skipping breakfast, morning sickness makes it even harder to stomach eating first thing. I bought a really good bircher muesli the other day and want to recreate it, it’s like your picture but with grated apple and nuts too.

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