Food budget madness and an emergency list!

I seem to have spent almost the entire food budget for the month. With, um, more than half the month to go. Oops (this mismanagement of the food budget is becoming a habit). I’m going to blame sleep deprivation (which is improving thankfully. I am now stuck in that awful thing where Baby isn’t waking up with the teeth but I can no longer sleep for more than 2 hours at a time – argh!!! It will settle down again I know). Anyways, although I’ve spent a lot I have got plenty ‘in’ (ie I didn’t blow it all on biscuits). I also have some things I’d like to use up so I’ve compiled a meal list to last us until pay day:

  • Bacon, spinach, cherry tomatoes in some sort of sauce made out of soft cheese and/or yoghurt with pasta
  • Sausage casserole using a pack of frozen sausages that have been lurking in the freezer since June, butterbeans, tin of tomatoes, mushrooms and broccoli (this should do us two nights in a row)
  • Chicken Korma with cous cous for Husband / Beans and eggs on toast for me
  • Lamb casserole (home-made, frozen) with extra, steamed vegetables
  • Nicoise salad: eggs, tuna (tinned), green beans (frozen), salad leaves and new potatoes
  • Mozeralla, tomato and basil salad and also savoury rice (I have no idea why I bought 4 packets of savoury rice earlier this year but I want to use them up!)
  • Beef casserole (home-made, frozen) with extra, steamed vegetables
  • Fish pie for Husband (from freezer) / Pasta with tomato, courgette and basil sauce (home-made sauce in freezer)
  • Pies (from freezer) with vegetables, mashed potato and gravy
  • Smoked salmon, pea, peppers (sliced, frozen), onion, lemon and soft cheese/yoghurt with pasta
  • Jacket potatoes with tuna mayonnaise
  • Chicken Korma with cous cous for Husband / Pasta with home-made tomato, courgette and basil sauce for me (sauce from freezer)
  • Prawns (from freezer), cous cous, peppers, onions etc with some sort of honey-lemon dressing
  • Spaghetti bolognese

We have plenty of healthy cereals for breakfast and can have sandwiches, soup or basic salads for lunches. Baby has her own section of the freezer which is well stocked up with meals. I’ll need to buy fruit, veg, bread, milk, eggs and yoghurt as and when they run out which I should have enough money for. I did order a chicken from a farmer though which is going to have to be paid for. Eek! Well, judging by the list above we aren’t going to be going hungry anyway!

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4 thoughts on “Food budget madness and an emergency list!

  1. nicola

    Thanks, you have inspired me to do the same with my cupboard and freezer – they are both at bursting point. I was just going to look in and write a list of meals, but i think that it would be much better to make a list of ingredients and then decide what to do with them.

    • shoestringalley

      That’s exactly what I did! I made a list for the cupboard, a list for the fridge and a list for the freezer. I was just thinking I might actually stop meal planning so much and just buy lots of good ingredients and then plan meals AFTERWARDS. If that makes sense?! Anyway, happy planning!

  2. Thank you! You’ve inspired me to sort out my kitchen cupboards!

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