Autumnal lethergy

I’m overwhelmingly underwhelmed at the moment. I know I’ve mentioned this but over the last couple of months I’ve become increasingly lethargic in the evenings. The evenings used to be a fairly productive time for me. I used to cook (maybe a batch of something), do my banking, make plans, clean, tidy, declutter – and that was if I was at home! Now it is as much as I can do to sit on the sofa and read a book or stare at the TV and try not to drool. I can’t blame the current teething episode for this as the lethargy has been going on much longer. I’m down with the whole autumnal hybernation thing (current spate of sunny weather aside) but this is a bit extreme!

We’ve given up on any plans to put the house on the market before Spring so I’m thinking I might as well take advantage of  the freedom of not having to have our home in showhome condition, embrace the dark evenings and start getting ready to cosy up for winter. Particularly since there has been talk of snow less than a month away! Is this right?! I can’t imagine it. Does anyone else have plans for autumn/winter evenings?

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2 thoughts on “Autumnal lethergy

  1. I was looking forward to evenings of making soup, chutneys and jams ready to give away at Christmas. I haven’t done any of that, and just save it for the weekends instead. I’ve found it so hard to force myself to do things after work for the past week, it must be the change of the seasons if it’s not just me! (Hopefully anyway, sort of banking on it not being a long term thing!)

  2. shoestringalley

    Not just me then! I love the sound of the soup, chutney and jam though!

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