My love/hate relationship with cooking

The title says it all – sometimes I’m really fired up about it, other times it is just a nuisance. The thing is, I can’t get away with not doing it. Depending on when Husband is working, he is generally willing to cook provided I tell him roughly what to make or what he can use up. He can produce a far better roast dinner than I can for example (though I make better roast parsnips. I digress.). But more often that not it is down to me and a lot of the time is just feels like a chore. I’m not really tempted to buy ready meals. I’ve tried them on and off over the years and I don’t really like them. They just don’t taste ‘right’, plus they’re not very filling. When you are cooking for two or three of you, you have to start taking into account who can/will eat what and having to find compromises.

Over the last couple of months I’ve been relying heavily on batch cooking because I really, really don’t want to cook in the evenings. By the time Baby is in bed I am spent. I’ve usually got just enough energy for a quick tidy up, maybe the internet banking if I really need to and all I want to do is have a read or just chill out for a couple of hours before going to bed. Although many meals are quick to prepare, by the time you factor in the clear-up operation it can take up most of the evening! Also, quite often what I fancy is ‘something on toast’ or a bit of salad but Husband (who works long hours in a physical job) needs something more substantial. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been defrosting ‘proper’ meals for Husband so I can actually have whatever I want. It’s been working just fine. Sometimes I’ll join in and have lasagne or Shepherd’s Pie…sometimes I’ll have beans on toast or soup and salad. If we carry on like this it might actually work out to be cheaper as well as keeping us both happy! For the last week or so it’s all been about the salad as far as I am concerned. I’m going to be sad when it is too cold to be as appetising and seasonal. I actually need to sort the freezer out at the moment. It is full of random things but very few actual meals and there is very little space going. I need to sort this out!

I have to say that there is one ‘ready meal’ that we do really like and we stock up on it whenever it is on offer. Young’s Mariners Pie is often available in the freezer department (it is more expensive to buy ‘fresh’) at Co-op for only £1. I think the price is great and we love it. I also buy Uncle Ben’s Korma sauce as a) we like it and b) it is cheaper to buy than make. There are always exceptions but generally we make everything else ourselves!

As for the cooking love…I hope it comes out because it has truly deserted me for the time being!

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3 thoughts on “My love/hate relationship with cooking

  1. Sounds like you end up eating pretty well even if you say you lack inspiration! Must be harder to cook for 2 different appetites… I usually wing it during the week, try to make bigger batches of pasta and rice dishes, then do the more complicated or new recipes on the weekends. I do admit as much as I love to bake/cook, I do get tired of it sometimes.

  2. I’m currently in a I HATE COOKING phase too! Just not inspired at all 😦

  3. I think batch cooking is insurance for your sanity when you have a baby you’re tending to, If it leads to more time where you can relax and not worry then it is all worth it. Good luck!

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