Shoestring shopping, cooking and relaxing!

I seem to be back on top of the food shopping and budgeting. I did a ‘big’ shop from Tesco today to stock up on things for the month. They currently have bags of frozen Lakeland chicken breasts at half price (just over £3 a bag). I haven’t bought frozen meat before so I thought I’d give it a go. I’ll be using them to make some chicken and vegetable korma to go in the freezer. I make most things from scratch but korma isn’t one of them – Uncle Ben does it much better than me! I saw the korma sauce on offer a few weeks ago and grabbed a couple of jars. I always add vegetables because a) we like them and b) it makes the meat go further!

I actually bought so much stuff that I’ve had trouble fitting it all in the fridge-freezer. This is good by the way – all stuff I can use! I had a cauliflower and some broccoli left from last week so made up a big batch of cauliflower and broccoli cheese with some frozen peas added. I know some people have this as a side dish but we have a great big bowl each as a main meal! It is also one of Baby’s favourite meals. After Husband, Baby and I had had some there was enough left over that there are two portions for Baby and one adult portion in the freezer. I also had some carrots left over so I made a batch of carrot and coriander soup – two portions for the freezer and the rest eaten today and tomorrow. I know the carrot and coriander soup gets mentioned here a lot. It is my favourite and it has so few ingredients that it is very easy and very cheap to make. I’m trying to have soup and/or salad as much as possible at the moment but other than that he diet has officially been abandoned!

I made a beef and vegetable casserole yesterday and have stocked up the freezer with adult and baby sized portions. I’m really not loving cooking in the evenings these days so I’m trying to batch cook more than ever. It seems to be working out pretty well as we’re eating well and I’m getting some extra time in the evening to read a book or chill out with Husband and maybe watch a film if LoveFilm has done its magic!

PS I’ve just watched Wuthering Heights (the one that was on TV last week). Brilliant! Anyone else see it?

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2 thoughts on “Shoestring shopping, cooking and relaxing!

  1. Carl

    Hi We too wanted to save on our shopping bills this year. We found that writing a shopping list was the most useful idea along with a meal plan. We found a site ( ) that offers a free meal plan with a shopping list and costings. It very useful!

  2. thefrenchchick

    When was the Wuthering Heights you saw made? I’ve seen an old version, 1939, but not any of the newer ones.

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