Mini jars and movies

I pinched this teeny jam jar when we were out having a cream tea a few months ago. It is the perfect size to fill up with salad dressing and take to work in my packed lunch box.

You can’t really tell from the photo but this jar is smaller than the usual little jars and I took a real shine to it! I thought I might as well take it home and re-use it rather than let it go in the bin.

You might remember that I downgraded my package from Lovefilm a while back, saving £5 a month. At the time there weren’t many films out that we really wanted to watch so it seemed like 4 discs a month would be enough.  It turned out they weren’t! Almost straightaway I missed being able to order any old film I felt like once I remembered that they were rationed (for the extra £5 we can rent an unlimited number of films). I realised how much I liked being able to watch lots of different films and the really good TV series and that when I heard about a new film coming out, knowing I’d be able to watch it as soon as it came out on DVD. It also never seems a ‘waste’ to rent an older DVD. Last week I was in the library and spotted The Ruby In The Smoke which was adapted from the Sally Lockheart series by Philip Pullman. I loved this series of four books and had been wanting to see the two that got made into films. I really enjoyed the DVD and my first thought was to add the next one to my LoveFilm list. My second thought was the realisation that I already had quite a few DVDs on the list and so I might not get to see it for a couple of months! I can afford the extra £5 a month so I went ahead and changed back to my original package where we can have unlimted DVDs and two discs at home at any one time. Long, cold, dark evenings are not so far away and it is good to know we’ll have a bit of entertainment lined up!

When you are living on a tight budget you do end up questioning every penny. However, sometimes it is worth loosening the purse strings, particularly when you can get such a lot out of a little bit of cash!

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5 thoughts on “Mini jars and movies

  1. sometimes it is worth loosening the purse strings, particularly when you can get such a lot out of a little bit of cash!

    I agree. I used to have the cheapest possible phone deal (pay as you go) but felt guilty every time I used it. Sure, I saved money but I also felt very out of touch with people. So I decide to try loosening those purse strings and with a friends & family discount, a cheap contract was about £5 more a month than I had been paying for my pay-as-you-go and gave me the freedom to feel able to call my mum & dad more and being able to exchange silly texts & calls with my friends/boyfriend as much as I liked. Well worth £5 a month.

    • Hi- I’m going to sound like a miserable old fart, but as I grew up without IT, without TV and without any kind of phone, it was normal to not speak to people or hear from people from one year to the next, it was why we sent christmas and birthday cards and we wrote messages in them. I don’t text and i think facebook is a drain on modern life. I use about £10 a year on pay as you go, i use my mobile as a phone if I need to use it, if I’ve made an appointment and I’m delayed. I’ve always been quick on the phone too. I make a call a week to each of my children and my mum after six. I borrow films and books for free from the library.

      • shoestringalley

        I rarely use FB but I do like being able to text friends to arrange when and where to meet up and also to keep in touch with my parents who look after my daughter on the days I have to go into work. Baby and I go to the library once or twice a week to borrow books (I get through books fast!) but my local library charges for DVDs. The DVD I mentioned in this post was £2 to hire for the week (even though it was far from a new release). In the winter Husband and I probably watch 2 films a week so 8 over the month. This works out to be under £1.70 per film though it is even cheaper if we watch more. I’m happy to make room for this in my budget because we get so much enjoyment out of watching films!

    • shoestringalley

      I did something similar though still with pay-as-you-go. I now buy £10 of credit a month and use it to buy a Vodafone Freedom pack which gives me 100 minutes talk time and 300 texts. I wouldn’t be without it! Also, I make sure I buy my credit at Boots so I get Advanatage card points and then I get my make-up for free! Win win!

  2. I uncreased my phone to £10 a month (from £5) to get unlimited texts…I like being able to text my daughters all day without thinking about how many texts I’ve used. With Lovefilm I went down from unlimited to 3 DVD’s a month, a saving of £4 a month. Hubby laughs at me but we only had time to watch 4 a month so paying £2.50 a film, this way we pay £2 a DVD lol…although now I’d like to watch every episode of Spooks, so I may need to go back up 🙂

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