Further adventures in budget skincare

You might remember me writing a post about using baby wipes instead of ‘proper’ cleansing face wipes. While I still think this a great idea, sadly my skin has started to object so I’ve been looking at other options. I tried some Superdrug wipes for 99p which I thought was an okay price but my skin wasn’t convinced (it can be fussy!). I have high hopes for these Skin Therapy wipes that I bought last week…

The Skin Therapy wipes were from Wilkinson and cost a fantastic 57p! I also bought a cleanser and a toner from Loreal. I still miss Loreal’s Visible Results face wash (bring it back, Loreal!!) so as these were only £2.50 each I thought I’d give them a go. Obviously there are cheaper cleansers and toners out there (check out Boots, Superdrug and Tesco for budget version) but they are only a bargain if you get on with them! Anyway, with the new stuff it is a case of so far so good. The same day I bought the above I also went to Boots to replace my foundation using my Advantage card points (ah, I love free stuff, don’t you?) and had a look at the Loreal display. The cleansers and toners ranged from £4.69 to £5.89 so I think £2.50 is an amazing bargain!

Ideally I wouldn’t have bought any of this this month. However, we don’t go to the ‘smoke’ that often and since we were going anyway (for a birthday party) it seemed daft not to make the most of the petrol used and have a quick scout around. Annoyingly, none of my local shops sell the colour foundation I use. I always need the palest one in any range and I have to wait until I go to a big town to get it. I was literally down to crumbs in my compact so I was relieved to get my new, free one!

While on the subject of budgets and appearance can I just warn any cold sore sufferers to never, ever try the Boots own brand version of Compeed patches (sold simply as Boots cold sore patches)? I bought them to save a few pounds and they are bad news. I only used them for a day or so before going out and spending even more money on my usual Compeed patches. They really ripped at my face when being removed and I’m currently waiting to see if I am going to have a permanent scar…

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9 thoughts on “Further adventures in budget skincare

  1. raker

    Wipes – my sensitive skin and eyes have got on really well with the Tesco Skin WIsdom wipes – cheap, and even better on 3 for 2s quite often. L’oreal makes my skin sting.

    although I only really use hem for eye make up removal these days – I am a wholesale convert to the Oil Cleansing Method. My skin has never been better!

    • shoestringalley

      Oil cleansing – is that just using something like olive oil instead of a cleanser or make-up remover? I’ve heard of this but don’t know much about it. What kind of oil/method do you use?

      • raker

        I use a mixture of jojoba and castor oil, made up to about 100 ml (5 ml castor oil), and kept in a blue glass dropper bottle. You put a few drops in the palm of your had, and massage it into your face for about 5 minutes, which is quite relaxing. Then soak a flannel in really hot water, as hot as your hands can stand, wring it out and put over your whole face. Leave til it cools down, and wipe off the oil. I reeat this last step until it all feels clean. Leaves your skin really clean, not stripped of protective oils, not tight, not stinging. So oil levels sort themseles out, and apart from a single hormone-related spot on my forehead in August, I haven’t had a breakout since I started this back in May.

        I do it maybe 4-5 nights out of 7 (use wipes the other nights) and just needs a splash of water next morning. Honestly, skin is in amazing condition. It’s worth trying it for a couple of weeks – you can use olive oil, but I don’t like the smell of it, and it’s a bit of a bigger getting hold of castor oil – Boots don’t stock it because it can be used to bring on labour, they told me sniffily, despite the fact that I was pushing a baby in a buggy when I asked – I suppose the post-baby belly may have confused her…). I bought the 2 cold pressed organic oils for less than £10 online, and have used only a tiny amount – it’s really economical!

        You can read the theories behind it here: http://www.theoilcleansingmethod.com/

  2. Hi – Ref- freezing cheese sauce. I make it, pour it into an old margarine tub, pop the lid on and freeze it. I freeze most things. Usually in marg. tubs, I freeze soup, leftovers, in fact anything. I never listen to a word of advice about food dates, if it looks ok, if it smells ok and it tastes ok, then it usually is – love froogs

  3. How did you find the Skin Therapy wipes? I usually use Boots’ own brand cheapie wipes (normally 3 for £3) but they’re irritating my eyes now. If they work for you I may give them a go!

    • shoestringalley

      I got them from Wilkinsons. They seem to be working pretty well so far!

      • Thanks! May give them a go, loving the Boots £5 at the moment so when I’ve used up my stocks I’ll head to Wilko’s 🙂

      • Sorry I mean the Boots £5 voucher!

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