Greetings (for 83p!)

The other day I picked up this brilliant pack of cards:

I found them for £5 when I was in Waitrose looking for posh chocolates to give as a birthday present. Even though I’m not short on birthday cards at the moment there will always be more birthdays and I thought they were gorgeous. There are 6 cards in the pack so they work out to be 83p per card – waaaaay cheaper than anything you’d find in most shops when buying individually. I love this letterpress style and have seen similar cards sold individually for much more in Paperchase. Good buy!!

My birthday card box had a sudden influx last month as we abandoned a project for our hallway. I was going to paint some old frames and pop greetings cards inside them (much cheaper than buying prints) but we’ve decided against it. Plus I found an original watercolour painting in a second hand shop for £8 that will fill the space instead. I’d already bought the cards but they won’t go to waste – they’re in my card box ready to go!

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3 thoughts on “Greetings (for 83p!)

  1. Love those birthday cars, an excellent find. I’ll look out for those next time I pop into Waitrose. Thanks for the tip.

  2. shoestringalley

    Happy to spread the word 🙂

  3. They’re sooooo cute, I love them!

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