100,000 thanks to my readers!

After writing my Bank Holiday post this evening I was tooting about and discovered that I have had over 100,000 hits on my blog! Wow! I’m far from having one of what I call the ‘mega’ blogs but I’m pretty bowled over that so many people have dropped by since Shoestring Alley started on 2009.

To every person that has stopped by – thank you!!

And also…who are you?! Even though I seem to have a steady stream of readers each day I only ‘know’ maybe a dozen of you, made up of my regular commenters and fellow bloggers. It would be lovely if you could stop to say hello and maybe tell me what you like reading best, what you might like to read more about and so on.

I also wanted to say that there are a few new bloggers on the PF block and you’ve been kind enough to leave me messages here and add me to your blogrolls. I’ve been crazy busy for the last couple of months and might not have managed to add everyone to my own blogroll or leave any comments for you, even though I’ve managed to read a few here and there. Things should ease up once the house is finished (so close!). If anyone would like me to add them to my blogroll (or do blogroll swapsies) then leave a comment here and I’ll sort it out ASAP!

Hope you all have a great week,



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4 thoughts on “100,000 thanks to my readers!

  1. Congratulations!! 🙂 I enjoy your blog & would love to switch blog links! Mine is: http://www.halfdozendaily.blog.com

    Thanks! Off to add you now…

  2. Just found your blog and really enjoy reading it! Mine is:

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