The month of skintness

I got paid less than a week ago and already it has all just about gone (and then some). We’re right down to pennies in most of our accounts. This is simply because we’ve spent a lot in the last couple of weeks! I’ve already blogged about the stuff we bought for the house but I also stocked up on loads of stuff for Baby as Boots are currently running their 3 for 2 mix and match promotion in their baby department and it would have been stupid not to make the most of it. I ordered some clothes from Next (all very much needed plus a £10 scarf as a treat) and I am going to be writing a very annoying cheque for the incomptenent morons at HM Revenue & Customs who keep cocking up my tax codes.

We’ve got our holiday coming up (3 nights in Cornwall with some friends and their little ones) which I am really looking forward to. I haven’t been away for almost exactly two years (I was 6 weeks pregnant at the time – a lot has changed since then!). Fortunately, Husband and I have been really organised about saving for the holiday so not only is it all paid for but we worked out how much we’d need for petrol and spending money and saved it up. Now our only task is not spending any of it before we go!

We’re not in debt and we’ve got enough (just!) to pay for everything but there is bugger all left over. And then it will be Christmas! Argh! However, in spite of all of the above (and the fact that the bloody house still isn’t finished) I’m feeling pretty good about everything. We’re steadily getting stuff done, I seem to have got a handle on my derranged eating habits, we’re going on holiday and there shouldn’t be anything I can’t pay for. In addition, the things we’ve changed at home in the last month have made a massive difference to how our home ‘works’ – loads more space to play with Baby and everything is tidier and easier to manage (you can’t underestimate what a difference a bit of effort and a few small changes can make). I’ve got food in the freezer, books on the shelf and can definitely get through another month with not a lot leftover. Let the skintness commence…

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One thought on “The month of skintness

  1. Just loved this title and August is just the same for me. Summer holidays have fair cleaned me out. Enjoy Cornwall…

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