Free make-up!

Do you get sucked into buying magazines for the free gifts? I only do this very, very rarely because the giveaways are usually crap but just occasionally they are worth it. Last year Glamour magazine did a fantastic giveaway, with full sized versions of Benefit make-up pencils. I got one on the way into hosptial the day Baby was born. It might seem an odd time to have been popping to the shops but since I was going in to be induced we were advised to bring snacks and something to read! (What you might find odder is that the book I chose to take with me was the Diary of Anne Frank. I digress). Anyway, I bought a copy of Glamour because it had a free Eyebright pencil worth £14. Two weeks after Baby was born I made Husband drive me to every corner shop in town (I couldn’t drive because of the caesarian) until I tracked down copies of the same magazine with the BadGal pencil and the concealer stick. It was worth it. They are totally brilliant and I got £42 worth of make-up for £6!

I didn’t think they could top it but, one year later, Glamour magazine teamed up with Benefit once more and lured me in with the mini sized versions of their lip and cheek tints and also Highbeam which I’ve wanted to try out for ages.

Excuse the fuzzy photo – my camera phone doesn’t like doing close-ups! I’ve been using these loads and there is still plenty left – they’ll last me ages. More recently I bought Red magazine (which is the one magazine I buy every month) and got a lovely shower gel which has gone into my stash to save me having to spend any cash next time I run out.

I mention the above because I think these seriously great freebies are the exception to the rule and I don’t generally buy a magazine just for the free gift. Do you? What’s the best/worst thing you’ve ever had free with a magazine?

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3 thoughts on “Free make-up!

  1. dqprincess :)

    Hi ya
    Good post! Worst freebie with a mag was definitely 2 things I can remember – one a weird very flimsy materialed bikini that was a tie bikini on the hips and in the middle of the boobs that was supposed to fit absolutely every figure! yeah right – maybe for 12 year olds. And the 2nd worst was flip-flops or thongs that were like cardboard, so flimsy you probably would have done better tying strings onto 2 magazines and using them for shoes! bahahahahaha.
    Never got any good stuff but I’m inspired by your story 🙂 Also, yep, fascinated you took the Diary of Ann Frank – why? did you want to be distracted by someone else’s suffering instead? lol!
    Thanks for the post!

  2. The only time I buy magazines is for a good freebie! I got the mini Benetint too and Glamour have done free Nails Inc varnishes a few times which are great. Like dqprincess I think my worst freebie was a terrible pair of flip flops, seemed like a good idea at the time!

  3. shoestringalley

    What is it with the shockingly crap flip flops?! I’ve had them too. Also the allegedly ‘one size fits all’ T-shirts and vests. About 5 years ago Red magazine gave away LK Bennet solk scarves – I still have that one!

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