Challenge & partying neighbours update

Firstly, thank you to the lovely folk who left me messages following my midnight rant. They dispersed not long after doing a few rounds of the YMCA and all was quiet by about 12.30am. At precisely the moment my Husband started snoring. At 1.15am I asked if he’d mind going and sleeping on the sofa. I’ve got a tricky relationship with sleep. If I miss my ‘window’ I find it really hard to get to sleep and I missed so many windows last night that I was still checking my watch just after 2.30am. Not sure when I fell asleep but Baby woke up bang on 6am and not long after it was time to get up properly and get ready to go to work. Gah! I am seriously considering following Kat’s suggestion (see comments on last post) if it happens again! Speaking of, there is music blasting out from somewhere right now. On our road this is very, very unusual. Anyway. I was so tired after last night that when I woke up a huge coldsore had popped up. Thanks very much. Now I have to go and buy Compeed patches and get a repeat prescription for my Aciclovir tablets. So their party not only cost me a nights sleep but I also get to have a coldsore for at least a week and I get to pay out about £15 to take care of it. Grrrreat!

Moaning over. So how have we got on with the 7 week chellenge? Hmmm. Here we go:

House and Getting Organised

  • Cleared out a section of the sideboard so I could use it for my bits and bobs that usually go on my sidetable
  • Found a new home for my sidetable (really sad to see it go but we just don’t have room for it and have nowhere to store it while we wait to move)
  • Put together the nest of tables (which will be going in the spot previously occupied by my sidetable and also replaces the coffee table – all of this is to make space, which it has done very effectively)
  • Lowered Baby’s cot. Sadly, this has meant we’ve lost just ahout all of the storage space underneath. I’ve managed to sort out part of a cupboard to house some of it but the rest will have to wait until later in the week)
  • Finished my ‘picture’ for the bedroom (more on this another time) and hung it
  • Got a quote from AA to replace the RAC membership but we’ve had to spend out so much on house and car stuff this month that it is now going to have to wait until we come back from holiday


  • Hilariously bad results. I am rebelling against myself. The more I try to diet, the more cake I eat. I ate 6 doughnuts on Friday (this is not a joke). Through trying to diet I have put on 5 pounds. I give up. Whatever, whatever, whatever! I’m not blogging about this again for a long time!!

I hope you are all having a good week and some good sleep!

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One thought on “Challenge & partying neighbours update

  1. thefrenchchick

    On the music “blasting out from somewhere right now”, I would hope it’s one of your other neighbors getting even with the party crew for their sleepless night. A little dose of their own medicine, during their hangover, might cure their inconsideration.

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