car bootin’

A couple of weeks ago I went to my first car boot sale for about 3 years. It was great. I didn’t rummage for clothes – I was looking for toys for Baby. You know, the kind that cost about £20 but kids grow out of within a few months. People kept telling me that the car boot sale was a source of treaure in this regard so off we went. We weren’t disappointed. I bought four toys (all in perfect working order) plus two pop-up books and spent a grand total of £8.80. The best buy was a Fisher Price Cookie Jar Shape Sorter which usually retails for around £18 and which we got for £2. Baby loves this.

I also got myself a couple of things…a sweet little vintage tin (I’m in two minds about this – it might end up going in the gift box) and a gorgeous vintage book from the 1950s about British wildflowers.

It was a good car booting experience and Baby liked the morning out tramping around in the field as much as anything else. I’ll defintely be going again (but only if the weather is good)!

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3 thoughts on “car bootin’

  1. Bargains are the best thing !

  2. Some good find! I wish that I had bought things second hand things when my daughter was little. Unfortunately that was before my epiphany about simpler living and thinking about where new things came from…..sigh.

  3. Hi! I’ve just spent an hour in the charity shops in the Glasgow West End and am very pleased with my bargains too! I’m glad you had a fruitful day!

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