Getting on with it (at last)

Well, I’m off to quite a good start today. A couple of weeks ago I dug out my meagre collection of exercise DVDs (some never used but bought a few years ago in a fit of brief enthusiasm). I’ve been walking past them and tidying around them ever since and I finally got around to actually putting one in the DVD player! Admittedly it was the easiest one – a collection of five 10 minute kick boxing workouts. I’m often intimidated by the idea of committing to a 30 + minute workout – I am phobic about getting bored and exercising is right up there with putting petrol in the car and doing ironing in my book. Anyway, I actually did the first 10 minute workout before going to work this morning. I hope you’re impressed – I was. It was actually alright. It’s very easy to find 10 minutes. In terms of doing something you don’t really want to do, 10 minutes is a great time frame! It did highlight the fact that I really do need a pair of trainers. I’ve been putting this off for ages because it seems like such a dull way to spend money. However my ankles really hurt after I’ve been for a long walk and I’ve been meaning to look into getting some since last year. More on this once a decision has been made…

Since today was a day in the office (thus busy enough) I picked a couple of easy things to do towards my 7 week challenge. First up was doing load number 1 of washing (20,000 to go). Second was sorting through a pile of magazines. Not exactly taxing but necessary since I’m moving thigns around in the living room and there won’t be room for a stack of mags. I don’t buy many anymore but I do like Red magazine each month and I mentioned in earlier posts that I had bought a couple of interiors magazines. You might remember another earlier post where I created files for magazine articles that I wanted to keep. I spent a happy hour ripping out things I wanted to keep (everything from ‘4 ways to work a stripey top’ to the latest ‘must reads’) and tucking them away. There are still a couple of magazines left to be sorted but I’d already been going for an hour (I got a bit sidetracked by reading the articles) and ran out of steam. By the way, I can recommend keeping a few simple files for articles. I know some other PF bloggers cut out spending on magazines completely. However, I really like a few plus often find that you can free ones from stores such as Tesco or Boots which have recipes and other interesting articles. I get my money’s worth by keeping the articles I really like and reading them again! At the moment I seem to be buying Red magazine just about every month and maybe another magazine (such as Slimming World or an interiors mag) every other month. At this rate I reckon my average annual spend to be under £50 which I am happy with.

Somehow it is 9.40pm (got sidetracked again by the new blog ‘themes’ from WordPress and was perplexed by how odd my header currently looks. I will deal with this another day…). Husband cooked so I’m on washing up duty. I’m going to try to get it done in the next 10 minutes, as well as doing the lunches, so I can crack open a ‘new’ book and have a read before bed!

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2 thoughts on “Getting on with it (at last)

  1. Hi sounds like you are off to a good start. Well done with the exercise. I know whatyou mean about up there with putting petrol on the car!. I have 1 exercise dvd & it hasnt come out of the box for over a year!. It was the claire sweeney one . I must admit out of all the exercise dvds I have done its the one that hasnt gone to the charity shop or been ebayed! Its because you can do 10 minute bite size chunks(more than enough!).
    I love red magazine. I have a birthday subscription to Essentials which I like. My mum has Prima so we switch monthly.
    You go for it x

  2. Great work making the first step with the Dvd for exercise. Remember the first few times are the hardest.Once you get over that initial hurdle, you might find that it gets easier to get motivated and you might even look forward to your workouts.

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