Give me back the ball

I want a cleaner. And a PA. And a personal cook. I can afford to pay about £5 a week. Anyone interested?!

I am seriously fatigued at the moment. This seems to have been the on-off theme of this blog for the last 18 months or so. I’m the kind of tired that reminds me of the early days of pregnancy (no, I’m so not pregnant again) when my my entire being felt like it was made of jelly. Too many things to think about, too many things to do and no concievable time / energy reserve to get it all done. The diet is going disasterously. I think I have put on two pounds. I am currently fed up of:

  • being way bigger than I used to be. I was philosophical about it at first (I’ve just had a baby etc etc) but it’s gone on too long. Now I’m just p****ed off with it.
  • having an unfinished house. There are two broken doors propped up in the hallway, the front door needs another coat of paint, the painting in the bathroom needs to be finished, there is crap everywhere and there is never time to deal with any of it.
  • lack of food in the freezer. I haven’t had chance to do any batch cooking for weeks and we’re back to scratching around in the kitchen saying ‘What’s for dinner?’. I so cannot be bothered to cook right now.
  • being disorganised. The house is a tip, I’m only just keeping on top of our finances, there is a huge pile of paperwork that needs to be either filed or dealt with, I need to do about 100 loads of washing, I have no meal plan and my head is quite possibly about to fall off.

I write this list not merely to have a whinge but to demonstrate that if you’ve ever read this blog and thought I was one of those smug ‘got it all figured out’ types then you’re sadly mistaken! I’m either very much on the ball or I literally have no idea where the bloody ball is. Right now, I’m not sure I’ve even ever seen the ball. I think the ball is possibly mythical.

Is all this leading somewhere? Hmmm. I think it might be. Sometimes things need to get really crap before I can really deal with them. Watch this space for either a major ‘sorting it out’ plan or a blog overhaul where I chart the effects of my decision to live like a pig in a hovel for a year…

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4 thoughts on “Give me back the ball

  1. Jeanne

    Hang in there! We all have those days (weeks, months, years)! I really enjoy your blog…

  2. I know how you feel!

    Just one thing today. Thats it. Baby steps…..

  3. Alison B43

    Here here, don’t give up. I know things seem really difficult right now. I remember being in the same situation a few years ago when the children were young; we were living in a very small house, I could only work part-time with the family comittments, so we had hardly any money, even less time and soooooooooooo much to do. I cannot offer many words of comfort, it was tough, but we got through it and as things became easier (ie the children grew up) we had more time for ourselves and what we wanted. Funny enough, having got to a very comfortable place, we are actually taking steps to simplify our lives again, by choice. We have downsized and will use the money we made to travel, something we are very keen to do. However, the money will run out, and then we will be back to where we were about 15 years ago! I have been told to take just one day at a time when things are really tough, and I think this is true, but please do not be hard on yourself and do not make a plan that would be impossible to achieve, or mean you have to compromise your lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to your situation, but I hope that sharing your situation does help, we are all with you. x

  4. Claire

    I really do know what this feels like. But just remember, being organised and on top of things isn’t essential. Other things are important too, such as time at the park with Baby, making memories that will last a lifetime. Do what you can, and learn to accept the imperfections. As someone who regularly feels completely overwhelmed I know that there is no point stressing over what hasn’t been done. Now, where is my to do list…?

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