One last shot

It’s been a bit quiet around here for the last week or so, mainly because I’ve been really busy with work and trying to improve my sleep. It’s not quite there yet but things are definitely getting better! Speaking of improving (ahem) I’m back on a diet. A few months back I decided not to blog about dieting anymore because I clearly wasn’t doing it properly with any kind of commitment. I’ve been losing and gaining the same 6 pounds for 6 months now and I’ve decided it’s time to stop. I’m going to be very strictly following the Slimming World diet (since I already have all of the info from when I joined online last year) for 2-3 weeks. I’m also going to try and actually do some exercise. If I see some good results then I’ll stick at it. If not then I officially give up and accept that I am one of those people who cannot shift the last of the baby weight and am going to have to get used to it. To be fair, it isn’t really that bad. I don’t look quite the same as before and I can’t wear all of my old clothes but my weight is still in the ‘healthy’ range for my height. I’d just like to be back where I was – and be able to use my whole wardrobe! 

I spent a few days collecting info, recipe ideas etc together last week and started on Monday. I’ve already lost 1 pound. I had to go into ‘town’ at the weekend and couldn’t resist a peek in the Paperchase sale. Good job I did because I picked up this bargain…

This is a dieting/health/exercise folder and has sections for food ‘intake’, exercise and all sorts. Best of all it was reduced to just £2! Oh how I love a bargain. So far it has been great to have a proper place to write down what I’ve been eating. I’m not very good at writing it in my diary or in a notepad but I seem to be able to remember to keep up to date with this.

So, my up-to-date weight info:

  • Weight gain by end of pregnancy – 50.5 pounds
  • Weight left to be lost after having Baby – 35.5 pounds
  • Weight to lose to get to pre-pregnancy weight – 7 pounds (it was 8 but I’ve lost 1 already this week!)

I won’t bore you with daily or even weekly updates if there’s nothing to report. If I’ve lost a few pounds then I’ll post or, in a few weeks time, if it hasn’t worked then I’ll be blogging about replenishing my wardrobe with new, budget-friendly clothes in a larger size!

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2 thoughts on “One last shot

  1. Hi I can relate to your post!. My baby weight is 14 years old virtually & 12 years virtually!. Its quite ironic though as I look back at picture when I was in my 20 s and thought I was big then and I wasnt. The mind is very deceiving. I am a stone and a half away from my comfy not skinny weight!. I wish you luck, I know how hard it is as I am always on a healthy eating project which goes and comes back! . x

  2. That darn baby weight. You’d think that the last 7 pounds would be easy. Why it so hard? I’m working on the last 10, lost and gained over and over again. Good luck with yours!

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