The ‘make do’ work wardrobe

When I used to spend more money more often on clothes, a lot of the things I bought were specifically for work. There’s no getting away from it; if you have a job where you have to look smart and don’t get supplied with a uniform then you have to make sure you look the part out of your own funds. Laura over at Move To Portugal also recently blogged about getting a capsule work wardrobe on the go.

You might remember a couple of months ago I spent some time getting my old work clothes out of storage, sorting through what I should keep, washing and ironing them etc. At the time I thought I would probably need some new things but, as the weeks go on, it seems I really don’t. Perhaps, I should point out that I had a few new things prior to going back…

Firstly there was the pair of black sandals which can be worn either at work or home (and which I blogged about at the time). Secondly there was a pair of black trousers which I bought in February. I got them from Gap online. They were on sale and I also used codes to get free delivery and a further 15% discount! I have worn them a lot. I have a couple of pairs of black trousers that are in okayish condition from pre-pregnancy but I definitely needed a ‘smart’ pair. Lastly, Husband treated me to a simple black linen skirt from the Tu range at Sainsbury’s. I didn’t have any work skirts at all so it is great, plus I would happily wear it outside work if I felt so inclined (good luck shoe-horning me out of my jeans though).

It seems that these three items are going to be enough to get me comfortably through the rest of the season. This is one of the great things about only being in the office a couple of days a week – I can get away with a much, much smaller work wardrobe. This really helps keep costs down and also – I need less storage space for it all! I’ll have to check through my supplies again when the weather gets colder (let’s not think about that now) but, for now, I’m all set!

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3 thoughts on “The ‘make do’ work wardrobe

  1. Thank you for inspiring me, I am having work clothing and closet organisation dramas right now 🙂

  2. Alison B43

    When we moved I went through my clothes and realised how many (or how few) I actually wear. I don’t need to look too smart for work, but do have separate work clothes. In the office about three or four days a week, so only need a couple of pairs of trousers, so have kept those out, along with the co-ordinating shirts/blouses etc. This meant that I had a whole colour scheme unused. I have not disposed of these, but put into suitcase – my current work clothes will not last forever, and this way I will have some ‘new’ clothes on hand for that time. Even with my non work clothes, I tend to wear jeans when we are out and about, either with shirts/tee shirts for the summer or jumpers for the winter. Not at all fashionable, but far more practical, and at my age I can get away with it!! I have been told my life will be easier if I live by the ‘keep it simple’ mantra. Still trying but getting there – albeit very slowly.x

  3. I have a separate work wardrobe. I like to keep work and home/going out clothes separate in my wardrobe and I change into my home (or fun) clothes as soon as I get home, so that I feel that I have finished work for the day.
    I am cutting back on my work from full time to part time as from the end of this week, so it is very timely to read your post on your work wardrobe. Now that I am cutting back on my hours of work, I will need far less work clothes in my wardrobe. I will cut down to about half the work clothes, and store the rest in a suitcase to rotate or replace the work clothes over time.

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