5 step programme (week 2): Up front

It’s been an unexpectedly busy week on the home improvements front. Here’s this weeks 5 for the 5 step programme:

  1. Actually managed to get someone out to come and look at our front door and got him booked in to do the work – result! (You’d think it wouldn’t have been this hard given the state of the economy but there you go).
  2. Went to Homebase, chose and bought: door handles, locks, hinges etc.
  3. Went to local builders merchants and got paint for our new front door.
  4. Chose glass and door from trade catalogue and ordered.
  5. Got door fitted! Yes!!!!! Need to wait until next week for the glass to arrive (it will have boarding in the spaces until then). Dad will be painting the door for us this weekend if the weather isn’t too awful.

I feel like I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for this to be done. When we had our place on the market before one of the comments made by an estate agent was that the front door let the rest of the property down. I’m hoping the new one will make a better first impression!

When we looked at doors before we went to B&Q. For one practically identical to the one we’ve just bought, you could either pay £179 for just the door or £579 for the complete kit (ie including a door frame, handles, hinges etc). Neither included glass and both would have needed to be varnished/treated or painted. By going through someone we know and using their trade discount we’ve managed to get the whole thing done for about £430 which includes the door itself, the glazing, two locks, door handles, hinges, letter plate, paint, primer etc and the labour for fitting it. I am very pleased with this! Plus I’ve got a much nicer looking door than I thought we would be able to get.

This is going to take up most of what was left in our ‘House fund’ account. One of the next big things we’ve got to pay for is carpet. The stair carpet leading up to the first floor from the front hall is in such a bad state it is beyond professional cleaning, as is the carpet in our bedroom. I had hoped that we would have moved before this needed doing but we aren’t going to get away with it any longer! I need to get a final price on the door so I can work out how much we have left towards carpet. I’ve already decided that I need to put some extra back towards this from my wages this month rather than putting it in my ISA (it took me days to make up my mind about this). Getting our home finished and market-ready has got to be the priority for just a few months!

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