A year ago today…

…my baby girl was born!

How has a whole year gone by so very, very fast? And yet, obviously, it feels like she has been here forever all at the same time. I have never found the right words to post about Baby being born. I don’t think I ever will. I’m okay at writing about the small stuff (like saving money here and there) but no good at all at writing about the big stuff. Still…

…a year ago today:

  • Husband and I got up and drove to the hospital all ready to be induced, 12 days past our due date
  • Baby’s heart rate was way too fast and an emergency caesarean was called for before I’d even been shown to a room
  • Got told by the surgical team I was one of the calmest people they’d ever seen (all a front by the way. I was repeating ‘This is not the time to freak out, this is not the time to freak out’ over and over in my head. Particularly when it didn’t seem like the epidural was going to work…)
  • A nice uncomplicated caesarean later (umbilical cord around the neck was the cause for the increased heart rate) and I was sitting in Recovery cuddling my beautiful baby, drinking tea and having toast
  • She was then and is now the most gorgeous thing I have ever seen. I still can’t believe she is real.
  • I changed my first nappy. Sadly this was by myself in the dark, trying to manipulate the electric hospital bed upright while picking up the baby and trying to get the changing bag off the floor. Got told off by the nurse for doing this only a few hours after surgery but I’d been pressing the buzzer for half an hour and no-one came. For all I know, no-one was going to come. Seems I’m not alone in this experience. I wish they could have let me home where there would have been plenty of help on hand but there you go.
  • Breast feeding, thankfully, came very easy. Not so for the poor woman across the ward who was up all night trying to feed a screaming baby. Who, thus, also kept me awake all night. When Husband arrived the next morning I hadn’t slept since I saw him last. To be fair, I haven’t slept much since either!

It’s been a crazy, brilliant year. My best one yet…

Happy Birthday baby girl xxxx

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