Make-up on a budget

They’ve been mentioned on this blog before but I’ve got to share a few bits from ELF ( who do the most budget friendly make-up I’ve ever come across. By the way, this isn’t a sponsored post but it might as well be! Over the last few years I’ve tried a few things from their range – some suited my skin, others didn’t (or had a very fruity smell which I didn’t like). I hadn’t ordered anything from them for a long time (still being a good girl and using up what I’ve got and only replacing things that have run out and I don’t have anything similar already) but I put an order in the other day as a couple of things ran out completely ages ago. My favourite products are theirs are:

Lash and Brow Clear Gel Mascara. This stuff is brilliant and I can’t find clear mascara anywhere else anymore. I love this for when I want to look a bit more groomed. Being blonde, my eyebrows are really light and this gel gives them a bit of definition without resorting to brow pencils (a product I can’t be bothered with). Cost? £1.50. I know – bargain!! Next up, the best silvery grey eyeshadows I’ve ever found:

They do a large range of different colour co-ordinations in these eye shadow quads. Price? £1.50. Are you sensing a theme? Lastly, they do a brilliant range of make-up brushes. I can’t use liquid eyeliners – I don’t have the knack. However, you don’t need the knack when you’ve got this brush:

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with this thing! Price? Yup, you’ve guessed it – £1.50. They charge £2.95 postage with I think it pretty reasonable. These are my favourite products that they do and I can’t wait for my delivery to arrive.

While I’m on the subject I can’t write a post about budget make-up without giving a mention to the Concealer pen (£3.49) from Aldi’s Lacura range. I’ve never actually tried the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat which this, and every ‘pen’ like it is a knock off of, but I’ve tried other versions for around the £11 mark before (in my pre-shoestring days I hasten to add!). None of them can beat the Lacura range. I am naturally very, very pale and I always have dark circles, whether I’m tired or not. This pen totally gets rid of them! Amazing.

Anyone know of any other good make-up bargains out there?

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4 thoughts on “Make-up on a budget

  1. Hazel

    I don’y wear much make up but have got into using mineral foundation from Lily Lolo
    It’s not £1.50 cheap, but it’s much cheaper than other mineral make up and it lasts for ages (especially the way I wear it!)

    I read about it in The Thrift Book, by India Knight which I got from my library and she clearly takes these things far more seriously than me!

    • shoestringalley

      I read about it in the India Knight book too! I did look on the website but didn’t get any further – nice to hear how someone else is getting on with it. I did think they had a great idea in that you can buy tiny tester pots so you don’t have to commit to a larger purchase until you’ve settled on which colour is right for you.

      • Hazel

        I did just that, being a bit clueless about these things and with a dread of looking like Dale Winton!
        The foundation testers come in dinky little pots (that would still last me for a while) and that are ideal for travelling and the blusher came in tiny plastic bags.

  2. Miss Sporty and Natural Collection in Boots 🙂

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