Project ‘re-love’: a summery bracelet

Don’t think I’d forgotten my little project to ‘re-love’ (ie fall in love all over again) with things I already own, thus sparing me from parting with my pennies and pounds in the shops. I’ve just been busy. I’ve also been busy loving the bag from my last post on this subject. I could write a little ode to it. But I’ll save myself the time and spare you all. I will say, though, that after doing my two days in the office, I transfer all of my things from my work bag to my ‘re-loved’ bag and feel a giddy sense of joy. Firstly because I’m home for the rest of the week and secondly because, well, I really love that bag.

Anyway, next up to be loved again is the bracelet in the photo above. I bought it about 3 or 4 years ago. It is by Pilgrim – a jewellery brand that I enjoy and have, er, something of a collection of. A local shop that stocked Pilgrim used to have two sales a year and sold off the last seasons stock really, really cheaply. As in way cheaper than online. I think this bracelet was getting on for £30 originally and I paid less than £10 for it. The photo (taken, like all of the others over the last few months, on my phone) isn’t great but it is a really pretty bracelet. I remember buying it, thinking it would be a great summer accessory and would look good with white linen. What I didn’t factor in, of course, is that I tend to get really aggravated by bracelets and bangles. However, I’ve been wearing it all day and have really enjoyed seeing it glinting away at my wrist. I think bracelets are less annoying when you’re not doing paperwork in an office where they keep clattering against your desk. Anyway, I have only worn this a few times and not at all for over a year so it is definitely like having something new!

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