Budget skincare: Wiped out

I occasionally used to use the £5 No 7 vouchers to get their packs of face wipes, getting them at £2 instead of £7. Generally I prefer to wash my face ‘properly’ but I often run out of time in the evenings and hate going to bed still wearing the remenants of the days make-up. At £2 for 30 wipes the cost per wipe is 6.66p. I’ve switched to a cheaper option which is actually better on my skin…

Yes – baby wipes! I’ve read that using baby wipes as a make-up remover/cleanser is one of the worst kept secrets of the beauty industry. I don’t know if this is true or not but they work really well for me! I’ve experimented with quite a few brands depending what has been offer. I found some too drying on my skin and others not moist enough to get mascara off without really scrubbing (not good for the delicate skin around your eyes). The best of the bunch – for me anyway – has been Johnson’s. They are also one of the most expensive so I wait until I see them on offer. Most recently I bought them at Tesco when they were running a BOGOF so I got two packs for £2.44. As there are a whopping 64 wipes in a pack each wipe works out to be just over 1.9p! Against No 7 at 6.66p (and that’s with a £5 off voucher too)! I know Boots and other shops do much cheaper wipes than those from the No 7 range but there only tends to be around 30 wipes per pack so Johnson’s wipes work out to be cheaper, probably even when not available on BOGOF. Such an easy switch to make and my skin is much more comfortable after using baby wipes instead of the special make-up removing ones. If only cost cutting could always be this easy!

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11 thoughts on “Budget skincare: Wiped out

  1. I do this too – after I heard that Victoria Beckham does it! I think the size is better too, sometimes I had to use a couple of the face wipes making them even more £££

    • shoestringalley

      Good point – they are a good size. So handy too. And if its VB’s choice (when she could go with far, far more expensive options) there must be something in it!

  2. Wow – who knew? I need some new face wipes, so perhaps I’ll try some baby wipes – thanks for the tip!

  3. Claire

    Baby oil is really great at removing mascara. I buy a big bottle and decant it into a little one, and it lasts for ages. Then I just use warm water and a flannel to get all of the makeup and baby oil off. It’s really cheap and it works perfectly.

    • shoestringalley

      I haven’t heard that one before but it sounds great! Thanks for letting me know. I am definitely going to give that one a go! 🙂

  4. I use face cleansing wipes too, and always find them drying (and expensive). Bought some Johnson’s babywipes last night, on your recommendation, will see how that goes!

    • shoestringalley

      I hope you get on with them! I still need to use a little bit of moisturiser afterwards but the Johnson’s wipes were definitely the least drying of the bunch.

  5. Funny you mention this as I just found this out yesterday… I needed to take off some make-up quickly, as I was downstairs I just grabbed one of K’s babywipes. It worked a treat on eyeliner and lipstick (OH had said I looked like Aunt Sally, charming!)

  6. Alison B43

    Just to thank Claire for the tip about baby oil. I too usually use No 7 make up remover, and guessed it has some type of oil in it as it has two ‘layers’. I have stocked up very recently and have two spare bottles in the drawer now, but was impatient to see if thebaby oil would really work. I tried it, and yes, it did! Fantastic – so whereas I was starting to fret about running out before the next No 7 promotion, in future I shall be able to go almost anywhere and buy baby oil. I costed it at Sainsbury this week – £1.05 for 300ml – brilliant.

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