A score on the food shopping front

At the weekend I made this cake for my Gran’s 91st birthday. It was a sort of coffee – mocha combo, based on a recipe from the Hummingbird Recipe book. It was good (though that recipe book gives demented quantities. A lot of reviewers on Amazon have pointed this out too. Still, I’ve made a note of how to tweak it for next time)!

Anyway, good news on the food budget – I’ve come under! With the way paydays fall it was either going to be a case of stretching the £200 to four weeks this month and five weeks next month or the other way around. Since we were doing so well for this month I decided to take the ‘hit’ of the extra week this month. And even doing five weeks food shopping it came to under £200! I am amazed. I think I had really given up on getting the food shopping down to a reasonable level. There is £4.01 left in the food shopping fund which I expect will get used up during the week as we will probably need another loaf of bread and some more milk (I know you can put both of these in the freezer but it is already full). I really optimistic that with next month only having 4 food shops we’ll be able to save a bit of cash back at the end.

It did help that I received my Tesco Clubcard vouchers this week. I got £7 of general vouchers but also some new ones that I hadn’t seen before – £6 off a £40 shop (which I used today and then two vouchers giving £4 off a £40 shop. I haven’t decided how to use the £7 vouchers yet. I know you can double or even treble the value depending on what offers you take up (check out the Tesco Clubcard website for details). For now I’ll just hang on to them and think on it. I might just keep them in reserve for a really skint week/month!

And now I’m off to make some tomato and basil sauce to go with pasta…

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