I’m a saver again!

I’m a saver again! Yay! I’ve been paid and got a bit more than I was expecting, just for this month (something to do with tax. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining). It’s just as well as the car has had to go to the garage and – gulp – Baby’s first birthday is coming up!

I had already decided that the minimum I was going to save each month was £100 unless exceptional circumstances arose (I’d include going on holiday or something ‘big’ like that under this heading). I’ll try to save a bit more each month but £100 is the minimum. I’d budgeted £150 for the car repair but it only came to £63. They did warn me that I’m going to need a new battery soon so I’ve put back £50 for that (they said it would be less but better safe than sorry). Thus I had £37 left over from the car budget. I budgeted £70 for petrol but when I filled the tank right to the top it came to about £63 so there was also an additional £7 there. I added a few more pounds to take the amount I could save up to £150. Yesterday I received the paperwork on my new ISA and so today I trotted over to my local branch and paid in my £150. This leaves £44 in my easy access savings account just in case something crops up, I need more petrol or something like that. I wasn’t planning on paying all of my savings into my ISA each month as I like to have a few hundred pounds that I can access easily. However, I really wanted to get some cash in my ISA so I could start earning my 3.3% interest! I guess I’ll decide each month how I want to play it.

I have to say, being able to save again felt really, really good. It’s funny because I never thought I’d see the day when the most exciting thing about being paid would be being able to put my earnings into a savings account instead of going out and spending it. I’m not saying spending money isn’t fun – it can be. But right now, putting it back for a rainy day feels much, much better.

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One thought on “I’m a saver again!

  1. Alison B43

    Well done you. First month back at work and already a saver. Very much after my own heart! How was your first month – not too difficult I hope, I have been thinking of you and how difficult you may find it to leave your lovely baby. It always strikes me how slowly the first month goes by when starting new job or returning to work, but then the months seem to go by much quicker – guess we will soon be thinking about Chr…. oh, nearly said it! – sorry! Enjoy the summer. x

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