Free food & seaside

It’s not hard to love living by the sea, surrounded by beautiful countryside. Sure, the wages are low and the house prices are high but when the weather is good you realise you really are living in a holiday location. And just occasionally there are additional benefits such as…free food!

Husband has just taken up fishing. As in beach casting (or whatever it is called). Some friends of ours have been doing it for years and he joined them for an evening a couple of weeks ago. He was hooked (excuse the pun). The next day he bought a cheap rod from the local fishing shop and has been doggedly trying to catch something ever since. After several evenings of throwing back tiny fish he finally scored – mackerel! Fresh mackerel is my favourite, favourite, favourite fish to eat. I really love it – the delicate flavour and texture are just gorgeous.  Thus we sat down to dinner the other night and had baked mackerel and salad and the fish was totally free! My kind of dinner in every respect. He also caught some extras which he has dished out to family and friends. You gotta share the love.

As for the other benefits of living where we do…I’m loving the sunshine right now. There’s a cafe with an amazing location at the far end of the seafront. It’s one of those places that have been going for years and years and have barely been touched in that time. It is boarded up during the winter and the table and chairs are old patio furniture. The most expensive drink on the menu is about £1.90 and the most complicated food you can get your hands on would be a jacket potato. It looks out over nothing but sea, sky and the cliffs. The cafe is beyond unpretentious and I love it. If it ever came up for sale I have no doubt someone would ‘do it up’ and it would become another boring, generic cafe with matching furniture, cream walls, crazy prices and zero atmosphere. When the weather is good we tend to meet our other mum and baby friends down there. And if sitting by the sea with your friends on a sunny afternoon isn’t a good enough reason to take a wage cut and go part time then I don’t know what is!

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7 thoughts on “Free food & seaside

  1. Yummy! Free fish is a big bonus!

    That little cafe sounds super! I’d love going to a place like that 🙂

    • shoestringalley

      If you’re ever in my neck of the woods… 🙂

  2. My idea of heaven, written about in a post. Fandabidozy !

    • shoestringalley

      It’s good isn’t it?! If only EVERY day could be a perfect, sunny day…

  3. Funnily enough, the day you posted this story we were learning to fish! We were trying flyfishing but I’d like to try both coarse fishing and various forms of sea angling before we settle on one – the idea of free fish dinners is very appealing!

    I grew up in a seaside town – albeit one up north so not quite as sunny – and as much as everyone complained about the tourists, we did enjoy emulating them from time to time too in the cheap cafes, amusement arcades and on the beach/dunes. When I got older, I also appreciated how easy it was to score (albeit badly paid) summer jobs and insanely cheap bar/nightclub prices 😉

    • shoestringalley

      Ooh, good luck with the fishing! Husband is really enjoying it. Since writing this post we’ve had two more free fish dinners (Pollack both times) and we’ve got two mackerel wrapped up in the freezer. Yum.

  4. It sounds like the benefits are worth the costs. And free food by fishing, I never even thought of that! Score one for ocean side living. I’m green with envy.

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