Shoestring soup and frugal fun

We’ve been having a fairly frugal weekend here in the Shoestring household. Yesterday and today we visited local animal sanctuaries, both of which had nature trails, lots of animals to look at and tearooms! Baby loved it. As both were charities they ask for a donation rather than charging an entry fee. We spent about £10 in total plus the cost of petrol.

I made a big pot of vegetable soup, using up lots of things. Last weekend I bought a big bag of carrots which I still had plenty of (despite making carrot and corriander soup the other day) so I popped a few of those in. I also used a couple of leeks, some celery which was on its last legs, an onion, some garlic and a couple of small parsnips. For good measure (and to use it up) I threw in my last tin of Tesco Value chopped tomatoes, some dried herbs and some vegetable stock. I use a handheld blender once it is all cooked so the veg only needs to be roughly chopped. This made 7 portions of soup so I’m taking one to work tomorrow and the rest have gone in the freezer. Since I also made soup last weekend I’ve got plenty to keep me going for ages!

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6 thoughts on “Shoestring soup and frugal fun

  1. Christy

    That looks delicious! I love making soup but usually don’t in the spring/summer.

    • shoestringalley

      I don’t usually either – it’s been quite nice actually. The trap I have to be careful of not falling into is making the same soup over and over again until I can’t stand the sight of it!

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend – and mmm soup! When I was living on my own and utterly skint a few years ago, I used to make a veg soup out of whatever veg I had left over at the end of the week too – it was usually a bit more random than yours but it served its purpose. I used to call it George’s Marvellous Medicine soup as no two weeks creations were ever the same 😉

    • shoestringalley

      Great soup name! It is such a good way of using veg up and not letting it go to waste.

  3. Soup is the ultimate in not wasting food!!!

    • shoestringalley

      Yes. I feel there is going to be a lot more soup making/eating going on around here!

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