A load of rubbish: saving a few pennies

I’m trying not too throw too much away. Firstly, and obviously, because it is wasteful but also because it costs money in binliners! We live in an area where we have three bins. Once a week the council collect compostable recycling and also glass, plastic and paper recycling. The special compostable bags for food waste (egg shells, tea bags, peelings – preferably not unused food!) are really expensive and work out to be about 10p for one small bag. I have a roll left but, once that is used up, I have decided to go for the free option – wrap it up in newspaper for free. There are plenty of free newspapers about so I’ll be able to reduce this cost to zero. The glass, plastic and paper recycling costs nothing although, annoyingly, they don’t recycle cardboard (why?!).

Other rubbish is taken away every fortnight. This can make things difficult (particularly if you’re a keen declutterer like me) as the bin we have to use is actually quite small and we only have two to share between several flats. A while ago I posted that we had bought a new, much smaller kitchen bin to save space. After I bought it I went to buy some bin liners of the right size and realised that the price of the liners was much the same as the large ones we’d used before but, due to the size, would need to be changed more often. Bugger. So I’d actually have to spend more on bin liners than before…

We’ve always saved and re-used carrier bags. I usually take two large bags when I go shopping and then use carrier bags for whatever is left. I realised that I could use carrier bags as bin liners in our new kitchen bin. It means that we only get to use about half the capacity of the bin at a time, but hey. It’s free! We already used carrier bags as bin liners upstairs – now we’re using them everywhere. I’m still using my reusable bags for most of the shopping as we have plenty of carrier bags ready and waiting. Incidentally, I also use carrier bags to sort my washing. I know that a full carrier bag is about the right amount for a single load in my washing machine. My laundry basket is full of carrier bags of laundry waiting to be done (this means I can sort it into different ‘washes’). Once a bag is full, that load goes into the washing machine.

So, my ‘rubbish’ plan to save a few pennies is:

  • Use up the compostable bags and then switch to free newspaper to wrap it up instead
  • Use free supermarket carrier bags as bin liners
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4 thoughts on “A load of rubbish: saving a few pennies

  1. every little counts! good way to recycle those damned free newspapers and placcy bags too!

    • shoestringalley

      Yup. I love it when you get to re-se something AND it saves you money at the same time. Win, win!

  2. Hazel

    Hi, I’ve found your blog via The Really Good Life- I’m going to read a bit more when I get a minute.

    I use this tutorial to make compost containers http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfEX85V9n8w

    Well, except I speed it up by folding not tearing the extra strip of paper and I do it by eye instead of creating creases to line the corners up with, but it works really well. It does need to be broadsheet sized though, so may not work with free papers. (We get a broad sheet on a Saturday- this gives us plenty of paper for fire lighting and compost bin liner making!)

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