A good shopping trip

Husband took Baby and I out for a Bank Holiday treat – lunch at a pub with this gorgeous view:

On our way home we stopped at a Sainsbury’s so I could do the food shopping. It came to £28.01 which I was really pleased with. I made a rough meal plan before we left, concentrating on trying to use up some things that already had:

Saturday: I had a big lunch so I’m just having some of the soup I made and froze this week. Husband is having a ready meal (I bought 3 for £5 last time I popped into a Waitrose. I haven’t bought ready meals for years but thought the price was good and would mean I could have a few evenings of just having soup or salad – Husband prefers something a bit more substantial).

Sunday: Roast chicken with potatoes, carrots, sweet potato, parsnips, broccoli and stuffing. Bacon and brie salad in the evening (we already had the bacon and some salad that needs to be used up before cracking into the stuff we bought today).

Monday: I’ll be having soup for lunch, Husband will probably have a sandwich or a baked potato. We’ll be having chicken salad in the evening using whatever chicken is left over from the roast.

Tuesday: Packed lunches for both of us! Sandwiches for Husband and a salad of some kind for me (either corned beef, egg or cheese depending on what I fancy – we had all of these left from last weeks shop). For dinner we’ll be having a homemade Beef Casserole from the freezer.

Wednesday: Same lunches, though I might have soup instead of salad. In the evening I’m going to have a go at making a sort of vegetable bake with a savoury crumble. Hopefully a) this will turn out okay and b) there will be enough to freeze at least two adult size portions. I think I might have a packet of cheese sauce but, if not, I’ll make one from scratch.

Thursday: Same lunches as before and homemade lasagne (from the freezer) in the evening.

It’s back to work next week. It will take a while for a routine to settle but I’m thinking I’ll probably be doing the weekly shop on Friday afternoons. The £200 food budget has got to last for 4 and a bit weeks. Deducting the £28.01 spent today, we now have £171.99 left which is a fairly healthy start to the month. That said, the only meat I had to buy this week was the chicken and Baby has so many casseroles etc in the freezer that I don’t have to cook anything specifically for her this week. I expect the shop for the following week will come to a lot more! I will need to pick a couple of things up in the week though…I forgot to buy a loaf of bread for a start.

While I was in Sainsbury’s I picked up a couple of work tops. After all of my hard work, washing and ironing my old work clothes, I tried a few things on and realised that a lot of them don’t fit very well – eek! I bought a black sleeveless top that was £5 in the sale and a navy shirt which was £6 also on sale – bargains! They are the same size as the rest of my work clothes but have a looser fit/cut. Phew. Right, I’m off to heat my soup up. Happy weekending everyone!

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