Challenge round-up

Gah, where has the time gone? Since I would have been off due to the Bank Holiday, today is actually the last day of my maternity leave. It is totally depressing. Plus because Baby has had a five week round of colds, coughs and sore throats her ability to sleep has gone out of the window. We’ve been trying to settle her back to sleep but for the last 7 nights she’s been awake for at least two hours a night and then getting up between 5 and 6am. We are all exhausted and I have no idea how I am going to juggle this all next week. AND we’ve been tinkering with our finances – the picture is a bit scary. More on that another time though.

Anyway – the end of the challenge is here! Is everything done? Um, no. But Husband and I did get a lot done. Here’s the full rundown:

  • Painted most of the bathroom
  • Hung the new shower curtain
  • Sorted through shoes, chucked a few out and polished up the rest
  • Washed and ironed all work clothes (and took the rejects to be recycled)
  • Got a really good pair of summer shoes for £34
  • Created a strategy for our joint finances
  • organised magazine articles into files
  • Getting manicure/pedicure stuff for free using my Advantage card
  • Organised my Filofax and created a fresh section for our joint account direct debits and standing orders
  • Got my hair cut and highlighted
  • Mixed results with the diet. Lost about 5 pounds since I did the post on starting the India Knight diet. More on that another time.
  • Sorted and packed work bag
  • Cleaned up an old messenger bag of Husband’s to carry laptop in
  • Sorted and packed a small bag of essentials to keep at work
  • Hung mirror in hall
  • Took, printed, framed and hung 4 photos
  • Got my car fixed (at last!)
  • Later on I’ll be washing and cleaning out the car

Yesterday I had a big cooking session while Dad played with Baby. I made 6 portions of lasagne (one of which I chopped up and divided into small pots for Baby) and 8 portions of soup. I also made an icecube tray of apple puree which I pop into Baby’s porridge. Our four drawer freezer is now full to bursting point – I really struggled to wedge everything in! I’ll be doing a post sometime over the next few days regarding our food budget. Prices have gone up plus we have an extra (very cute) mouth to feed. However, we’ve got less money than ever. Eek. Watch this space…

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2 thoughts on “Challenge round-up

  1. Good luck, going back to work is hard. You are no longer the person you were before and I found it a bit like wearing an old pair of shoes that didn’t feel quite as comfy as they did before.
    Having a lunch hour is a treat though!

  2. Alison B43

    Yes, wishing you all the best for your return to work. If your lunchtimes (purposely did not use the word ‘hour’ as it never is) are like mine, they will consist of ‘just popping to the supermarket/bank/whatever’ – but I guess at least it gets it done! I am sure we will all be thinking of you.

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