Day 10: A very productive day!

I’ve got loads done today. First up was getting my work bags packed. Since I’m going to be doing two days from the office and two (short) days from home, I need to be able to transport my work between the two fairly easily. I had a box file left over from when I reorganised my paperwork and so I’ve tippexed out the labels so I can use it for work instead. I’m thinking the box file will live at the office most of the time but can come home if I’ve got particular things to work on. A month or so I got a new work bag – bought for me as a going-back-to-work gift (I know, I’m a lucky girl). I found it in TKMax when I was desperately ferreting through their selection of bags, trying to find something that looked like it would accomodate A4 files. I didn’t want an actual briefcase (not really my thing) and I didn’t like the other options which looked really cheap and plastic. Then I spotted this Calvin Klein number which is the perfect size. I picked up an A4 expanding file from Tesco a while back (it was around £2.50) which should help me keep my day-to-day paperwork in order as I go to and from the office. I also bought a diary at Christmas which went in the bag as well. In addition I’ve popped in a little fold up shopping bag in case I get to go to the supermarket on my lunch breaks.

Last up is the little black bag you can see in the photo. I was given this for my Birthday – it was part of a Sanctuary gift set. I hate carting loads of things around with me so I thought it would be a good idea to use this bag to keep a few essentials at work. So far it contains: a mini hairbrush, an almost (but not quite!) used up foundation/powder compact and lipstick, hand cream and travel size body spray (also from gift sets), um…girl supplies, paracetamol and a couple of Aciclovir tablets (if you take one as soon as you feel a coldsore coming it kills it on the spot. On prescription only – amazing stuff). By keeping this at work in the little bag I won’t have to carry it around with me every day.

Today I have also:

  • Booked the car into the garage next week
  • Taken 6 books and an old sweatshirt to the charity shop (and remembered to use my Giftaid card)
  • Taken my library books back
  • Sent a much overdue thank you note to a friend

Phew. I’m going to go sit in the sun for a bit now…

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One thought on “Day 10: A very productive day!

  1. I’ve been enjoying catching up on your productivity posts. I am living vicariously through your progress. Good luck as you gear up for your last few days!

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