Days 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the challenge

Don’t think I haven’t been busy just because there hasn’t been a post on the 17 day challenge…I’ve actually been too busy to find a moment to write a post! I’ve managed to get the following done:

Financial planning: I like to have a list in my Filofax showing all of the direct debits and standing orders coming out of the joint account for the month ahead. Sometimes the amounts vary (the payment for the TV licence only comes out quarterly, the phone bill is different each month, council tax and water are only taken out 10 months a year etc) and I like to cross each ‘item’ off the list as I check the account through the month. When I know a payment isn’t coming out or has been less than planned for I transfer the difference into our savings account. However, I’m a bit crap at remembering to print out the list and use my Filofax holepunch to file it in the first place! To make sure I stay on top of things I have printed out lists for the rest of 2011, adjusting each for when I know payments will vary (as with the TV licence). This should make life a lot easier once I’m back at work and pushed for time.

Hair: Eeek. Yes, I bit the bullet and booked an appointment with my usual hairdresser for the much debated highlights. I really had to get my hair sorted out – it hadn’t been trimmed since the beginning of October and was looking really ratty and awful. I’ve had about 6 inches lopped off. The highlights look pretty good. If you look hard you can tell but I don’t think you’d notice otherwise. I only had a few, very fine ones through the top. The sun has already been lightening it up a bit so I’m hoping that it will continue to do it’s work through the summer! My hairdresser said that, particularly as summer is coming up and I am still blonde (just darker than before), I won’t need them doing very often – just in winter. This is good from a budget point of view. It only cost £40 though I did give a £5 tip.

Washing & Ironing: Gah – I thought this was never going to end. Actually, it hasn’t quite. I still have one small pile of ironing left to tackle. It took me an age (okay, a couple of days) to get through it all but my work clothes are now pretty much ready to go. It was good to have them all out at once as I can see exactly what I need to buy (a couple of smart T-shirt type tops for example). However, I’ve got enough for now and will certainly manage to get through until my first pay day when I can figure out my budget and see what I can get.

And that’s it for now. Back (hopefully!) tomorrow with a further progress report!

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One thought on “Days 5, 6, 7 & 8 of the challenge

  1. hang on I missed the beginning of this challenge. I like the sound of it though and seems like I might need something similar!! am going to check out its start.

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