Day 2: shirts and shoes

After sorting through my shoes yesterday I decided I’d better give the remaining pairs a good polish. I keep all of our shoes polishing equipment in a pretty IKEA storage box so I always know where to find it! I can’t remember the last time I polished a pair of shoes having lived in casual shoes and boots for the last year. I don’t even know if I can still walk in heels (it’s like riding a bike, right?). Anyhow, nearly all of them have cleaned up as good as new (just one pair look a bit on the ropey side but they’ll have to do a bit longer).

I’ve mentioned before I have massive problems trying to find shoes that will stay on my feet (there has to be an ankle strap or I’m doomed). My supply of summer shoes is seriously pathetic – I’m not going to get away without buying a pair. I’ve been eyeing up a couple of flat strappy sandals on the Next website. I’ve ordered a few pairs so I can try them on (and send the rest back!) and am hoping that there will be a pair that will be okay for both work and home.

I’ve also started rummaging through my old work clothes. I must have binned a load last year because there wasn’t as much as I had remembered. Even so, I managed to fill another bag to go to the charity shop. Some of those shirts and tops were seven years old. No-one can say I don’t get good wear out of clothes! In a sense, the fewer items the better. I don’t like dithering about in the morning, trying to decide what to wear for work. The only thing I seem to really be lacking is a smart ‘work’ cardigan to go over short sleeved shirts and tops. I’m sure I used to have at least one but there you go. All of the clothes smelt really musty so I put the first load on this morning.

So that’s two things done for today – shoe polishing and clothes sorting/washing!

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