Sunshine, DIY and lurgies

Husband has had a few days off which has been great as it has felt like a little holiday for me too (which is particularly nice as I’m going back to work in a few weeks time). We’ve managed a sneaky trip to the ‘big’ shops where we got Baby a couple of sun hats and a pair of sunglasses (using a Boots half price voucher) as well as some other bits and bobs. I also managed to bag a few skincare bargains but I’ll post about that soon.

Yesterday we actually – finally – got around to doing a bit of DIY. Mum and Dad looked after Baby while Husband painted the hallway and I painted the bathroom. I didn’t have a small enough brush to get in a few corners but finishing up will only take five minutes once we get a brush. Good to have a couple of things crossed off the list! Today the lure of the beautiful weather was too strong (as was the holidayish feeling) so we decided to have a proper day ‘out’ and went to the Aquarium in Plymouth. It is a lot further away than we would usually go for a day out but it was so good to have a change of scenery. I was also very impressed that, if I understood correctly, for the price of todays admission we can go back for free anytime we like over the next 12 months (as many times as we like) for free! We’ll definitely be going back as Baby LOVED it.

Hence I’ve been a bit quiet – it’s been a busy few days! I’ve also got another cold coming. We’ve been plagued by them for the last couple of months. Everytime we go to any of the playgroups we come back with a cold. So we stay at home until it has gone (so we don’t spread it around) and then back we go and get another one. Vicks First Defence has been doing a great job for me but sadly Baby can’t have it and has to tough it out each time with just a bit of Calpol. She has only just got rid of a really awful cough so I really hope the sneezes this morning were unrelated to the sore throat I’ve now got (I know, sounds like wishful thinking). I know you can’t sit indoors all day but I do wish people wouldn’t keep bringing their ill babies to these groups and letting them stuff all of the toys in their mouths while clearly drowning in snot. Is this completely unrealistic? I have literally never had so many colds in my life. Ever. I’m not going to stop going to our favourite groups because I think it is really important for Baby to hang out with babies/toddlers of her own age and get to do different things. Plus she obviously loves it – particularly if there is singing and maybe a shaker involved. So I guess we’ll just have a to get on with it and stock up on tissues!

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