Adrift without a budget

Oh dear. I’ve lost the plot regarding spending again. What have I learned? I am hopeless – hopeless – without a budget. The one thing I am really looking forward to regarding going back to work will be having a regular, consistent monthly income. I am so fed up of my finances changing every month or two. To give a quick overview of the last 16 months I’ve gone through the following changes: a relatively high income, a new lower income, having to wait three months to get one months pay, maternity allowance, no maternity allowance. At the moment I’m using what we’re getting in child tax credits for my own expenses. The amount we get for this has already changed once (bear in mind we’ve only been getting it a few months) and will change again once I go back to work (and once we see what effect the budget cuts will have on that). Anyone following the financial element of this blog for the last year will probably realise what a bloody mess it has been. I’ve tried to keep up as much as I can but I confess that from now until my first pay packet, I’m coasting. We’ll see what happens!

I haven’t really got anything done on the house since my last post. It’s been one of those busy weeks where we’ve been out every day doing something different which has been great (and I got to meet one of my favourite bloggers and her gorgeous twins – you know who I’m talking about!). So a week off really. Which might not quite excuse the crazy spending but hey. And, anyway, if you’d seen this bag for £12 in Sainsbury’s I bet you’d have bought it too…

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5 thoughts on “Adrift without a budget

  1. Loving the bag. Got some lovely PJ bottoms with vintage style roses from there a couple of weeks ago…impulse purchase for me too!

    Anyway – the well thumbed copy of Tightwad Gazette I spy lets off you the hook from the poor budgeting.

    Am envious of your floor too!

    • shoestringalley

      Ooh, I recently got a copy of Tightwad – must find that article! Thanks for the comment re. floors. Husband re-sanded them last year. It involved a lot of swearing but they’re looking pretty good now!

  2. I spotted the Tightwad Gazette too! How great that you got to meet you know who, and the babies 😉

  3. apieceofwood

    Who would that be then? Love the bag Missus.. might have to get one of those myself! Oh wait, I already did! x

    • shoestringalley

      Can’t think :). Must do it again soon. Probably best not have an eccles cake for lunch next time though! x

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