Making progress

Since deciding to focus on finishing the house I’ve managed to get quite a few things done. Nothing amazing, but really annoying things that for some reason I’ve had a mental block about including:

The kitchen bins: We had an old, huge bin in the kitchen. This never really made any sense as there is hardly any floor space in our kitchen and it was always in the way, particularly now we have Baby. I went to Homebase and bought a new, smaller one that looks a lot smarter and has made the kitchen look a smidge larger. I also bought a cute little counter-top bin for peelings. We live in an area where compostable recycling is collected and have been using the hideous grey bin provided by the council. While I would have carried on using it if we weren’t trying to sell (and thus make the place look as attractive as possible) I have to say the new one looks a lot nicer (and, again, is smaller)! I also replaced the plant that I managed to kill off this winter and at the checkout I actually remembered to use my voucher for extra Nectar points!

Clean windows: I don’t remember the last time my windows were cleaned. They had been in a disgusting state for months and months and months. This week I managed to clean the inside of them all and the window cleaner has just been to clean the outside (all of our windows are on the first and second floor so we can’t clean them ourselves). The windows look amazing! Note to self@ do not leave it so long next time. And because my window cleaner likes me and is a poppet he only charges me a tenner. Nice.

Re-filed my paperwork: Last years filing system wasn’t working for me any more. Some paperwork needs to be kept long term, some only needs to be kept for a year and other things can be thrown away more frequently. I bought some new files and reorganised the lot. This has now freed up a corner on the landing where the big box files used to be kept.

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of the things I am doing involve trying to free up space! Anyway, it’s not a bad start but I really do need to crack on now and do some more. I’ll try to keep updating my progress here to make sure I get my arse in gear. Speaking of which, I weighed myself this morning and discovered I had put 5 pounds back on. No, no, no! Attention must be paid…

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2 thoughts on “Making progress

  1. Alison B43

    Good to hear from you again. Well done for the things that you have managed to sort out, don’ t understand about the weight gain – this very same thing has happened to me – just about to move to smaller property (something I am really happy about) but seem to spend so much time nibbling on anything I can find in the kitchen! I guess it’s just life’s ups and downs. Take care. x

  2. Congratulations on the house progress. I have filing on my list to do too. At the beginning of every new year I toss the papers I don’t need to keep, and relocate the ones I do. I still haven’t started for 2011. What is this? March? I’ll take my inspiration from you.

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