The Busyness Plan

In my last post I talked about how it seems I’ve been trying to juggle too many things – things in reality (mainly centred around the house) and things in my head (projects, what the future holds etc). Three years ago, if someone told me that I would have a gorgeous baby girl and that I would get to work part time instead of full time (and that some of those working hours were from home) I would have been over the moon. But there’s really no point in clawing back those hours (and shouldering the financial consequences) if I don’t make the most of them. And by making the most of them, I don’t mean packing them full of ‘things to do’ but enjoying them. My plan for 2011, while not too disimilar from the goals I talked about at New Year, is now:

For the next 5/6 weeks: To really get on with the house and at the end, whatever state it is in, to get it on the market. I also want to use this period of time to lose the last of the baby weight. I got pretty close (4 pounds off!) and then put some back on again. I think I’ve been eating crap because I’ve been stressing about everything. Hopefully with a simpler plan I can make myself stop doing this. Once the weight is lost I’ve just got to maintain it and then I can stop thinking about it (thinking about diets and weight rank quite high up on my ‘dull’ list). So I’d like it gone by the end of this time.

In 5/6 weeks time: Figure out the details of going back to work; what routine needs to be established, finding and sorting through my old work clothes, working out what I’ll need and so on.

From now until the end of the year: Get a better handle on my spending (I’ve been trying to keep up to date with my spending diary but, oddly, having less money is making me want to spend more. This needs to be dealt with!). Meal plan – eat well and within budget. If a plan, project or idea crops up and is do-able right then and there, then do it. If not, forget it. Much better to wake up and think ‘Oh, we could do this today.’ than think ‘I’m knackered and I just want to talk Baby for a walk in the sunshine and read a book but wasn’t I supposed to be doing…’.

This plan could, perhaps, be more efficiently summarised as: Finish house, put on market, lose weight, go back to work, make the most of the time I can spend with Baby and sod everything else. Which is basically what it boils down to!

This means I am still going to be quite busy (the next six weeks will involve getting the house done and losing the weight and the time after will revolve around getting back to work and the juggling act that will result) but it seems more manageable because I’ve ‘cut’ everything else.

I suppose this means I ought to switch off the computer and work out where I need to start…

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5 thoughts on “The Busyness Plan

  1. Alison B43

    I am so with you here. We have been planning on downsizing for quite a while, but I am terrible at just getting on with what has to be done (and there is always something to be done!) Eventually, hubby said “right, whatever state, the house has to be on the market by the end of July”. In fact we were a week or so over that, and of course, was not ready in my mind, but if I am honest, I know that if my hand had not been forced, the house would not be any better now – 8 months on, and would still not be on the market. In fact, we have found buyers who want to do major work to make the house theirs, so it would have been a bit of a waste of time anyway. Your plan summary may look simpler to you, but to me looks like a mountain in itself – if you have been adding more things to this ‘to do’ list over the past few months, I am not surprised that your life is full of busyness! I too want to achieve everything, and I guess you are a bit of a perfectionist? Sounding all very familiar …… Good luck with the plan, remember not to be too hard on yourself it is not always possible to achieve everything you want to.

  2. I’m with Alison – that still sounds like quite the mountain of stuff to do while still trying to maximise your fun time with your little girl – be careful not to wear/stress yourself out before going back to work. Having said that though, I guess if this is just a portion of your previous list, congrats on getting it reduced to this — good luck with it, and as you say, sod everything else 😉

  3. Love your summary paragraph – sounds perfect to me!

  4. I hear you loud and clear on this one. It’s those projects that pile up and nag at me that become overwhelming at times. Having a plan is definitely a good thing. And doing one project at a time. I tend to start one, then start another, then try to cram in three more, and before I know it I’m stressed about not finishing the first one.

    Wishing you success for everything on your list!

  5. Sounds like a plan. Hope little bubs is ok, I can imagine her watching you running around the house getting everything sorted for putting it on the market.

    I think now that spring is here it helps with wanting to get organised. It’s brighter in the mornings and the days are getting longer and we no longer want to just curl up in front of the TV!

    Hope you are ok and the plans all come together! xx

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