A little bit of domestic bliss


We’re having a super frugal weekend it seems – half by chance, half by design.

Spent most of the day at a family get together and the rest of the afternoon tidying up and watching Baby sitting on Husband’s knee playing the piano – ahhhh! Had to pop to the shop to get a few provisions for the weekend, namely garlic bread and some more baking supplies – £7.77.

As I type, a pot of Cawl Cennin soup is bubbling away on the hob – a new recipe I’m trying out from the WI Soup book. There will be enough for four portions so we’ll have some left for tomorrow night. Earlier in the week I tried out a recipe for spinach and cheese muffins (sound disgusting, taste like heaven) so I’ve already done my two new recipes for February! I’ve also made a batch of chocolate cupcakes earlier to take to some friends tomorrow, they just need frosting. I am totally rocking the domestic thing today!

Husband has rented two DVDs for us to watch later and I’ve just cracked open a second-hand book I bought last month (Daphne by Justine Picardie if you’re interested). Compared to this time two years ago (rehersing for a gig) we’re about as rock n roll as a pair of tea cosies. Thing is, if two years ago you’d told me I’d be spending the night in with Husband, some good food, good films, a good book and a gorgeous baby girl asleep in a cot upstairs I’d have been thrilled. Which I am. Tea cosies it is…

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3 thoughts on “A little bit of domestic bliss

  1. sounds just fab..

  2. Alison B43

    I am with you on that … enjoy every moment,

  3. Those spinach cheese muffins sound yummy! I’ll take tea cosies to rock n roll any day.

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