Free parking and No 7 vouchers

Oops, it ended up being another teacake day yesterday. Two of my Mum mates have gone back to work and can’t make the Tuesday meet up anymore, thus we met up yesterday in the usual spot for the usual tea and teacake. I was determined not to eat cake. In fact I spent the whole walk into town debating the calorific content of a latte versus tea and a teacake. I had just decided that the latte (though naughtier than regular coffee) was probably better than cake only to get to the cafe and find out that the coffee machine was broken and was being repaired. Gah! You could have just had the tea, you might say. Ah ha, how little you know me, would be the response. £3.10 spent.

I also stopped in at Boots to get my monthly £10 Vodafone top up voucher thus collecting Advantage card points along the way. I currently have over £60 worth of points on my Advantage card. I’m going to be using my points for any skincare or make-up purchases until I’m back at work so that should help me with my budget. I can’t imagine that I’m going to need that much over the next few months, though, as I’m pretty well stocked up at the moment. Over the last year I’ve gradually switched to the Boots No 7 range for just about all of my skin care stuff. I’d been using the toner and eye make-up remover for years because of the brilliant £5 off No 7 vouchers that they often give out (thus making each item under £3). However, last year Loreal stopped producing the Visible Results range (why? why? It actually did give Visible Results?!) so I’ve also started using No 7 cleansing facial wash, moisturiser and exfoliator. My skin tends to freak out if it doesn’t like a product but it seems fine with this range. Budget wise, everyhting is really cheap when you use the vouchers so I’ve been stock piling items every time I get the chance to have £5 off. The moisturiser is by far the most expensive item (£21 at full price so £16 with a voucher) but I’m only half way through my first pot and I’ve been using it for months.

Also, I keep meaning to mention I did some food shopping on Monday. Although this, technically, was in January I’m going to include it in my February food spending. The total came to £35.05 but I had a £2 off coupon which took it down to £33.05. Nice. * Update: I had to pop to the shop again after writing this post to get more food (eggs, milk, potatoes and so on) so another £6.14 on foood this week.*

We went out of town for our Sing and Sign group today. I wasn’t very familair ith the town where it is held so for the first few sesssions I parked in town spending £1.50 on a ticket each time. Last week I made the effort to go a bit earlier and drive around. I found a residential street nearby with plenty of free parking and so e parked there last week and today, saving £1.50 each time. The only cost today was in fuel used but since I had petrol in the tank I didn’t have to get my purse out!

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2 thoughts on “Free parking and No 7 vouchers

  1. Isn’t there anything more annoying than when they stop doing your make up range?! I love those Boots vouchers though…wonder if anyone ever buys any Ruby & Millie stuff? I’ve never heard it happen! 🙂


    • shoestringalley

      I know so many people that used that Loreal range and loved it. They haven’t replaced it with anything similar which is so disappointing. I keep looking at their displays but everything seems to be for much more ‘mature’ skin than mine! Boo. Interesting that you should mention the Ruby and Millie stuff…I seem to remember a friend of mine buying a lip gloss from them about 5 years ago but nothing since! x

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