A morning out on £1.65 (and a bit about weaning!)


Well, the frugal February plan is off to a fairly good start. This morning we went to our (free) playgroup and then we went for tea and teacakes with a crowd of other Mums and babies afterwards which is something of a Tuesday tradition. I was going to forego the teacake today in honour of my diet but decided to have it anyway. It’s only once a week. One of the local cafes is very accommodating and has a large area in the back where we can park up all of our pram and pushchairs and not be in the way. They also have a loyalty card where you get your tenth hot drink for free. I’ve been saving these points up in readiness for the end of my maternity pay and so I used one today (I still have one to use). Hence my pot of tea was free so I only had to pay £1.65 for the teacake. I think £1.65 for a morning out with a playgroup and then tea and cake is pretty good going!

You might be wondering about the photo. That, dear readers, is a frozen (heart-shaped no less) cube of pureed carrot. I’ve been meaning to write a post about weaning for months now and I never seem to get around to it. We weaned a bit earlier than the recommended 6 months (since then it has been all over the news that some research now suggests 6 months is too late – they can never make their minds up can they? It’s like the peanut thing all over again. I digress…) for a variety of reasons. We started out with baby rice, then carrot, then apple and onwards. I bought an Anabel Karmel book and have since been given two more. I doubt I’ll ever get through all of the recipes but Baby seems to like whatever I seem to make though some recipes, like Beef Casserole, took a couple of attempts before she was really very interested. I’ve been batch cooking. At the moment I have four batches of food in the freezer: Beef Casserole, Chicken with Sweet Potato and Apple, Broccoli and Califlower Cheese and a Lentil and Sweet Potato recipe. I also freeze cubes of individual vegetables and fruit which get mixed and matched in with other things. One of Baby’s favourite things is pureed pear mixed with plain yoghurt. She eats way better than I do! However, I do buy some food in jars for when we are out and about. Not many places will heat food up and I also worry about giving her food that might have been in my bag for hours when it really ought to have been in the fridge. We seem to get on okay with food from Organix or Hipp Organic so I have a little supply of those in the cupboard for when I know we aren’t going to be back in time for lunch or dinner. I also cottoned on today (about 6 weeks late!) that I don’t need to boil and cool her drinking water anymore – she can have cold water straight from the tap. What a relief! Sooooo much easier.

I really had to restrain myself when it came to buying weaning products – so many dinky containers! Pretty spoons! Cunning little clip-together things! Eventually I managed a little restraint. I collected together all of those tiny little tupperware boxes you never know what to do with and Mum also donated several from the back of her cupboard. They have been invaluable since Baby has been eating larger portions of things. I did buy a set of four special clip-together boxes. They are nice and robust and keep the contents in properly – particularly good for when we are going to visit friends as it means I can take something home-made and bung it in their fridge as soon as we get there. Dealing with some kind of meaty puree that has escaped from its container and all over the inside of your bag isn’t particularly fun. The special icecube trays were also tempting but we already had two flexi ice cube trays (one of hearts, once of stars – thank you IKEA!). Speaking of IKEA, Mum also picked us up a set of 6 brightly coloured bowls which we use every day and are brilliant. We could probably have spent a few pounds less but all told it really didn’t cost very much and I’m pleased with what we’ve got.

I don’t think I’ll be spending any more today but if I do I’ll ‘fess tomorrow…

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7 thoughts on “A morning out on £1.65 (and a bit about weaning!)

  1. Was planning to pick up some of her books in readiness for weaning, so you would recommend??

  2. shoestringalley

    Yes, I really like the books. There is a lot of information about weaning out there and I wanted just one source to go to for everything. It is good to be able to have one book to turn to for advice about what food to start when, different textures, food to avoid until certain ages and so on. We started out with the ‘Weaning’ book which has lots of advice and a good selection of recipes. For Christmas we got the Baby and Toddler Meal Planner but I’m saving that for a few months down the line!

  3. Alison B43

    I really enjoyed it when my children were weaning – it was great trying all sorts of new foods, and of course 20 or so years ago, we were not quite so restricted on exactly what we should be doing! This time last year we were starting to wean my grandaughter – it was great trying all sorts of things that unfortunately my daughter does not eat (being decidedly more fussy 21 years on) – not sure my daughter has ever eaten a sweet potato but it was a particular favourite with my grandaughter. Both mother and baby love fruit and my freezer was so full of tiny portions of pureed apple and pear over the last year, I have had to use them up with my own porridge or yogurt this winter as she is now at the stage of starting to feed herself and needs her food very chunky! She popped up for an hour this afternoon and sat quite happily eating grapes and kiwi fruit with her own fork – priceless!! x

  4. Weaning is great when you have a good eater! I got a couple of packs of small bowls with lids from the pound shop and they have lasted surprisingly well – but yes there is a lot of cute stuff to buy (I just spent £6 on a Barbapapa cutlery set for K, couldn’t resist).

  5. thefrenchchick

    Weaning at 6 months?

    Here in the states, they recommend breastfeeding for the first year. Not exclusively though, baby cereal at 4-6 months, pureed vegetables at 6 months with pureed fruits after that. No cow’s milk, eggs, wheat breads or orange juice until 1 year and no nuts or honey until at least 2 years.

    Interesting how different the “experts” can be.

    • shoestringalley

      By weaning as 6 months they mean trying ‘solids’ alongside usual milk feeds(either through breastfeeding or bottle). Most sources recommend starting out with baby rice before progressing to fruit and veg purees and on from there so much the same. However, over here just about anything from meat to cow’s milk (in cooking, not as a drink) can be introduced from 6 months onwards. This is just what I’ve read and been told by my health visitor though so, obviously, parents need to consult their own doctor or health visitor. The guideline I’ve read is no honey before a year old (something to do with a particular kind of bacteria that can be present). A recent survey suggested that weaning from 4 months might be best for some babies, particularly those being breastfed due to not enough iron etc. If anyone is interested there is an article about it at http://www.suite101.com/content/new-research-questions-current-guidelines-on–breast-feeding-a333248 .
      There is a lot of conflicting advice out there!

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