The (frugal) February plan

So, once again using my 2011 goals list as a template, the plan for February is:


Simple – finish the decluttering, tidying and organising. Do a big spring clean. Finish any work that needs doing. Sounds so easy written down like that, doesn’t it?


I now have a maximum budget of £150 a month to cover: LoveFilm membership, mobile phone, spending money, petrol and any other expenses not covered by our joint account. This is going to be my budget for the next three months. The joint account will provide a separate fund of £200 per calendar month for food. If I can’t stay within budget I’m going to have to fund the extra from my £150. I’m also going to be using my spending diary ‘properly’ from February onwards. Watch this space!


Meal plan properly. Stick to it. No excuses. Also, try two new recipes (one of which must not be cake!). And check what it is in season.


No cheating with short stories this month. Food for brain must be found (and I’m not talking about protein). I should also make a start on the book that accompanies a course I am hoping to do in September.


The last of the pregnancy weight needs to go now. It’s been nearly eight months – it is time. The trouble is, as soon as I could get into my old jeans my motivation took a nosedive. I can get most of my old clothes on now. Some look fine. Some do not. None look great. I need to lose 8 pounds and I need to pay much, much more attention to what I’m eating. I know where the problem is. I’m not organising my time well enough to make sure that a) I am getting something to eat and b) that the something is at least relatively healthy. Also, with the mank weather I haven’t been out and about walking as much for well over a month now. So my really complex, high-tech plan is this: Eat regularly, eat well, exercise more. It’s amazing how an entire weight loss industry is built around something that is essentially quite simple (for most. I do accept that some people have medical conditions that mean it isn’t this straight forward. I don’t have this excuse. My only condition is couch potato. And wanting to bake cakes and then eat them. I don’t think the doctor can help me with this one). And also (ha ha ha ha ha ha!) – try to get more sleep. It’s something I’ve been trying to do for months. But I need to get on the case because I am so tired and being tired makes everything else difficult.

So that’s the plan. I’m going to try to do a post a day through February updating my progress (and keeping me in line) because I really have to stick to this budget and I really want to lose this weight. On that note, I’ll be back tomorrow!

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6 thoughts on “The (frugal) February plan

  1. We have been writing about changing bags and how they can be used after baby has grown. Thought you might be interested. Some of you thoughts and ideas are great. Good luck with your plan.

    • shoestringalley

      Thanks. Funnily enough I’ve just had a week of trying to go back to a ‘normal’ handbag with just a few essentials in it. I caved and went back to the changing bag this morning though. There just isn’t enough room for sippy cups and all the rest otherwise!

  2. Alison B43

    Many years ago I remember going to see the doctor to get some blood test results and finding that I was again slightly anaemic (a fairly regular occurance since having children 20 odd years ago). After a brief discussion with him I suggested that to aid my future recovery I should 1. eat a healthy diet, 2. take regular excercise and 3. get more sleep and 4. (actually bit of an afterthought) try to relax more and increase ‘funtime’. The elderly doctor in front of me smiled and when I asked why, he said of course I was right and it was the right solution for most people who sat before him on a daily basis. I asked, if the answer was so obvious, why was it so difficult to do – he smiled again and said if he had the answer to that he would be out of a job! I wish you the very best of luck, we will all be there with you! x

  3. *chuckle* see I’m not the only one that loves cake!

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