January round-up


Wow – where has this month gone?! I know there’s still a day left but I thought I might as well do the January round-up of my progress towards my 2011 goals…


  • Baby’s room, the bathroom and the kitchen are completed. Our bedroom and the living room are almost done. Just the hallway and the landing areas are yet to be tackled but shouldn’t need too much effort. I didn’t get it finished but it is well on its way…
  • I’ve written a list of things that need to be bought (front door, doormat etc) and things that need to be done (get rid of crap piled up alongside the house etc). I just haven’t quite decided what repainting needs to be done. This is a good enough effort!


Shockingly bad fail on this one. I saved, er, nothing. I spent, er, everything. Some quite serious frugaldom is nigh.


Well, I didn’t get around to doing my seasonal food posts and the meal planning didn’t pan out for a variety of reasons that were, to be fair, mostly unavoidable. Will do better next month! However, I did manage to complete my goal of trying at least two new recipes. I made chocolate hazelnut cupcakes, lemon cupcakes, banana cupcakes, chocolate cupcakes and Lentil and Spinach soup. You may notice this is a little heavy on the baking front but I am fine with this. All I can say is that there have been a lot of birthdays. So, I actually managed to try 5 new recipes.


I made an apron so – yay – I managed to do this one! I keep meaning to take a photo to post here but I haven’t got around to it. Will try to in the next few days…


Hmm. I did make an effort in this direction but it was a bit of a cheeky one. I read The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. I first discovered this when I was studying and bought a copy to come back to and read properly at a later date. I must confess I picked this one to read this month because it is part of a short story collection and I was running short of time. However I did really enjoy it. The rest of my reading matter has mostly been somewhat on the light side this month – a bizarre mixture of genres spanning personal finance, children’s literature and chick lit!


Not too sure how to summarise this one. I’ve been a bit lazy again but I’ve been tired as Baby has had a lot of sleepless nights – teething combined with a cold and cough. Poor bub. So me faffing around with face masks and so on has been at the bottom of the ‘must do’ list. My hair is another story – I’ll come back to that another time…

 So, all in all, it’s been quite a good month. I’m happy with what I’ve managed to achieve and I’m okay with what hasn’t gone quite to plan. I’ll be back again tomorrow to lay my plans for February which, I suspect, are going to incorporate something of a frugal bootcamp!

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2 thoughts on “January round-up

  1. Well done on your progress. A good start methinks.

    I’m using pearbudget now to track my spending and it is helping a little – could just be novelty factor though! Worth checking out (there is a free downloadable spreadsheet if you don’t fancy paying for the online access).

  2. You’ve been a busy bunny! That’s a fair old list!

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