Decluttering and separation anxiety

My decluttering spree didn’t happen as planned. Baby had a terrible night (though got her first tooth through – yay!) and I was too knackered to even contemplate it. However, I did manage to crack on with it today (despite having another rubbish night. The teething saga continues). Actually, Baby is sleeping in her own room for the first time tonight. Our bedroom is the largest room in our house (weird I know) and so we’ve been able to have the cot in with us since she outgrew the moses basket. We’ve been meaning to make the move for ages but then there was the snow (her room can get very cold) and then it was Christmas (enough faff going on) and then the teething. But there’s always going to be something so we thought we really must do it before she gets old enough to get upset by the change. As I type she is fast asleep in her cot in her own room for the first time ever. I had to go back in to resettle her after five minutes but all seems to be well for now. I suspect that she will be fine and it will just be me waking up through the night trying to listen to her breathing – the separation anxiety is all me!

Anyway, you might wonder what all of this has to do with decluttering. Basically, a lot of things had to be moved around today to facilitate the move and so it was a good opportunity to get some more clearing out done. I took a large bag of stuff to the charity shop and three bags to the fabric recycling bank. A couple of carier bags of ‘stuff’ went in the bin too.

I’m at that weird stage where I’ve cleared and cleared and cleared and – annoyingly – it doesn’t really look any different. Anyone else been there? However, a fair amount of storage space has been cleared up so as I tackle different areas I should actually be able to put things away properly. I’m counting on that making all the difference!

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6 thoughts on “Decluttering and separation anxiety

  1. Just open those storage areas and gaze at those organised shelves!

  2. Hurray for Baby’s first tooth!
    I have what I call the ‘departure lounge’ at home – things that are piled up in the dining room destined to go elsewhere, charity shop, my brother, the loft, DIY stuff. It seems never-ending so I feel your pain!

  3. I have spent many a minute bent double over cots with my ear against mouths checking for breathing or watching tummies rise and fall. I must confess to a few gentle prods and pokes at times to make sure movement occurs.

  4. Alison Butler

    When my grandaughter was tiny and we had her overnight, I did not get any sleep as I was only happy when I could hear her! It was no better when she was in the same room as me either – I just woke up every time she moved. I guess that’s what makes us mothers. Glad the tooth is through – she should feel a little better now. I have just come across your blog, and am really enjoying reading the historical entries – your viewpoint is the most similar to mine than most bloggers. Keep up the good work!

  5. thefrenchchick

    Hooray for the new tooth! I totally understand the decluttering issue. I’ve taken so many bags and boxes of stuff out of here and it doesn’t look much different either.

    I guess that just means I still have too much stuff since none of my closets look like they can hold any extra stuff.

  6. I’m not one to get nostalgic about not wanting my babies to grow up, but when it has come to sleeping in the same room with them, that was always the hardest for me to give up. With my first, we lived in a one bedroom apartment, so by default we shared a room until we moved when he was 11 months.

    My second I just wanted to hang onto longer. We moved him to his room at 9 months when the pack & play was starting to sag. And you’re right, the anxiety is all us!

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