Spending money like water (on water)

When people are trying to clamp down on their spending, one of the first resolutions made is to take a packed lunch to work. It is such an obvious and simple thing to do but, equally, it is easy to slip out of the habit of preparing food and drink to take when you’re going out. These days I’m at home rather than the office so I rarely need to think about packed lunches. However, I have been using these rather a lot:

I tried to re-use small, plastic water bottles but I always seemed to lose them or throw them away by accident. Then a friend told me about some research which suggests reusing plastic water bottles can actually be harmful. There are lots of articles on the internet such as this one if you’re interested in finding out more about this. Last year I decided to buy a proper re-usable water bottle and found one (see photo) which was £5 from Paperchase and has already more than paid for itself. There’s no way I could throw it away by accident and it is easy to fill up and pop into the changing bag or car when I’m on my way out. Also, my flask has had a fair few outings of late for when I need coffee on the go (and I’m always on the go so I always need coffee…). If you’re thinking of building a frugal/shoestring kit I’d have to recommend investing the small amount it would take to buy a bottle and a flask. In my experience they pay for themselves very quickly!

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3 thoughts on “Spending money like water (on water)

  1. I did the same and carry a squashable plastic bottle everywhere with me!!

    ps – I’m back!

  2. I have also changed to water containers like the ones in your photograph. I usually fill one when I am going out for the day, and my daughter also takes one daily to school.
    I can’t remember the last time I purchased bottle water.
    And also think of how many disposabel plastic bottles it saves from being manufactured.

  3. Ohhh…..and it’s a pretty one. I actually have those for the kids but with Hannah Montana emblazoned across (not nearly as charming).

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