The January Plan

The plan for January looks like this:


  • Declutter and spring clean every room in the house (apart from the two under stair cupboards – a consuming project in its own right!)
  • Compile a complete list of work that needs to be carried out before getting a valuation, make a plan and set a budget


I get the last of my maternity allowance this month so I need to have my finances in shape by the time February rolls around. January is my biggest month of the year for birthdays – Husband’s, Mum’s, two friends and mine too. The rest are fairly well spaced out through the year. So January never is quite the frugal month for me that it is for other folk who are recovering from Christmas and New Year spending. Also my car needs an MoT and a new tax disc – gah! My financial plan is basically to get to the end of the month having paid for everything I need to pay for and to see if I can save a pound or two before my money runs out – eek!


  • Meal Planning: Get it sorted and get on with it! I’ll be posting on this in this next day or two…I have a new plan…
  • Try at least two new recipes
  • Seasonal food: Really must get on and do a January post before it is too late!

As for the other things (‘Mind’, ‘Me’ and ‘Creative Pursuits’) it’ll be a case of I’ll do what I can when I’ve got a minute, if I’ve got a minute!

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