Plans for 2011: (Part 5) Me, Myself and I


See this photo? I took this when we were on holiday last year. I used to eat so much fruit that this platter didn’t even last me the week. Right now, there is a bowlful of distinctly manky looking fruit in our kitchen that has sat untouched for days and days and days. Not only is this wasteful but it kind of says everything about my current eating habits that needs to be said.

I need to pay more attention to food in 2011, making sure that I eat the right things and that I eat enough (more focus on meals rather than snacks and so on). I mentioned that I’m going to be doing more in the way of meal planning again which ought to help. At the moment I look, frankly, a bit crap and I know that eating better will go a long way to improving this.

My weight loss has come to a bit of a standstill though since I’ve lost just over three stone I haven’t got too far to go. I’ll weigh myself next week and see exactly how much further I’ve got to lose but it should be under 10 pounds which ought to be fairly do-able.

2011 is also going to be the year where I put a little bit more of a budget aside for a few things. A couple of weeks ago I caught sight of myself in the mirror in an unguarded moment and I wasn’t happy about it. My coat looked distinctly tatty and threadbare, my hair looked demented and I looked haggard and suddenly several years older than I actually am. Yes, I’ve had a baby and, no, I’m not getting enough sleep but still. I’m not particularly vain but I also don’t like looking a total mess. I promptly hit the sales (right up there with my least favourite activities like putting petrol in the car and ironing) and bought myself a new coat (and put the old one straight into the local fabric recycling bin so I wouldn’t ever be tempted to wear it again).  I also bought some decent shampoo for blonde hair (mine is suddenly looking alarmingly dark), a hair mask and some brightening face primer. I’m not going to go mad buying a lot of stuff (because I’ve spent too long decluttering to want to fill my house up with unused rubbish again) but I am going to make sure I’m not wearing mad, ratty old clothes/shoes and have a set of products that work for my skin and hair.

Hopefully I’ll see an improvement before too long!

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2 thoughts on “Plans for 2011: (Part 5) Me, Myself and I

  1. Wow, three stone is amazing! I find being at home makes it easy to slip into scruffiness at least when I went to work I had a reason to make an effort, but you are right there is no reason to neglect ourselves.

  2. I’m with you on trying to look more presentable this year. I bought a new coat in the sales but it just seems to emphasise how tatty the rest of my wardrobe is! Good luck with your plans – losing the baby weight is much easier when your little one is on the move and you have to chase after her! x

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