Plans for 2011: (Part 4) The old grey matter

I need to jump-start my brain. It was quite good once upon a time. I’ve mentioned before that I did my Literature degree through the Open University. I still read a lot (as in 2-3 books a week) but mostly a very non-intellectual mish-mash of things. Also I tend to re-read the same books a lot. I know some people can’t re-read books but I do. I developed an aversion to reading for a while. A fairly common reaction, I think. Basically I spent 6 years studying like a maniac (on top of a demanding full time job), graduated (with first class honours no less) and then promptly shunned the printed word in favour of learning to play bass guitar in a band. It’s what we all do…right?!

Anyway, in 2011 I’m going to try and get my brain working again. I thought about setting myself particular goals but I think doing that will just turn it into a chore. Thus I’m going to take it month by month and see where my good intentions take me. Also Frugal Trenches is starting a Classics book club (the first book is Emma by Jane Austen) so I’m joining in with that. I’m thinking about revisting Plath as a starting point for this part of the 2011 plan…

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