Plans for 2011: (Part 3) The Shoestring Kitchen


I’m planning on getting back into the kitchen as much as I can in the new year. This is partly out of necessity and partly out of desire. I felt as though I just started getting ‘into’ cooking a bit more and then got swept away into Babyland (most willingly I should add!). However, Baby is now getting into lots of different foods so it is the perfect time to get my pinny back on (note to self: buy pinny). Speaking of Baby, she loves being in the kitchen. This had been a bit tricky as our kitchen is the size of a large cupboard but she is just about in a high chair now (I say just about because she’s not that keen on it so far). Once she doesn’t mind being sat in it, I can set her up in the doorway where she can see what’s going on. So far she’s had to watch from low down on her bouncy chair which hasn’t been ideal as she likes to see what you are doing properly. I digress. The long and short of it is, I can probably manage to spend a bit more time in the kitchen again…

Food is going to have a bit of focus in 2011:

  • MEAL PLANNING: This has totally, shamefully gone out of the window. I’ve got some new ideas on how to make this a bit easier but it has got to be done because a) it is so much cheaper, b) if there is a plan to follow then Husband will do quite a bit of the cooking and c) if I have to spend one more evening where we keep asking each other ‘What on earth are we going to eat tonight?’ I’m going to scream…
  • LEARNING AND EXPERIMENTING: I really want to be a better cook. That seems a vague statement I know. What I’m aiming for is to be able to make a good selection of things (main courses, soups, cakes – all sorts) really well. As in, I’ve made them so many times I know exactly what I’m doing and they taste good. So the plan is that, by the end of 2011 my recipe folder has lots of new tried and tested entries that I can come back to again and again.
  • EATING IN SEASON: I’ve skipped quite a few months on this (apologies) but I’m going to get back into doing a monthly post after researching what is in season. Then, suitably armed, I’ll try and work as much seasonal food onto our plates as possible.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas. We did – and the first properly white one I can remember. The snow vanished yesterday thankfully. I really enjoyed it but we were mostly trapped in the house, the novelty of which wore off after a couple of days. Anyway, now I’m getting my plans sorted out I’m looking forward to the New Year!!

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2 thoughts on “Plans for 2011: (Part 3) The Shoestring Kitchen

  1. hollyjune

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who gets driven crazy by spousal mealtime indecision. Any time I ask mine what he’d like for tea he says “I don’t mind” until I bully him into making a choice which is inevitably something I absolutely don’t want.

    Do you read Budget Bytes? ( I adore her blog for menu inspiration and she always breaks me out of a culinary rut.

  2. shoestringalley

    Ha – not just us then!! Thanks for the blog link – I’ll have a look. I’m going to get around the adding some new blogs to my blogroll this week and would like to have a few foodie ones on there x

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